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Science Applications International Corporation - B-293601.5, (September 21, 2004)

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Science Applications International Corporation - B-293601.5, (September 21, 2004)

Here, notwithstanding the agency's broad assertion that "no . . . potential conflicts of interest exist," the record clearly demonstrates that the agency recognizes the potential that conflicts may arise during contract performance, and has in place procedures to safeguard against such occurrences. As noted above, the agency states that, prior to issuing each task order under this contract, the agency project officer will independently consider whether that task order's requirements create a conflict of interest for Lockheed Martin. Specifically, the project officer will "[either] ascertain that no [conflicts of interest] exist within the assigned tasks, or that adequate mitigation strategies are in place and have been discussed with the contracting officer." Agency's Conflict of Interest Analysis, June 9, 2004, at 8. In summary, the record establishes that the agency has requested and received information regarding Lockheed Martin's environmentally-regulated activities, has reasonably considered that information in the context of the solicitation's anticipated requirements, and has accepted responsibility for performing an independent and ongoing assessment of potential conflicts of interest each time a task order is issued. On this record, we deny SAIC's protest that the agency's corrective actions regarding potential conflicts of interest were inadequate.

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