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Lucent Technologies World Services Inc. - B-295462 (March 2, 2005)

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Lucent Technologies World Services Inc. - B-295462 (March 2, 2005)

Lucent argues that the contracting officer's OCI determination was flawed because Lucent did not provide "complete specifications" for the TETRA devices, as that term is used in FAR 9.505-2(a). Specifically, Lucent contends that it developed the specifications in Schedule D in conjunction with the agency, and that the agency further altered or revised the specifications in Schedule D when it issued the revised RFP. As a preliminary matter, the FAR does not define the term "complete specifications." A reasonable interpretation of the term suggests that a firm that provides specifications that are necessary and sufficient to inform the solicitation has provided "complete specifications." Based on our review of the record, we agree with the agency that Lucent's Schedule D was the source for the technical specifications in the revised RFP and that the specifications provided by Lucent are nearly identical to those listed in the amended RFP. FAR 9.505-2(a)(1)(ii) provides that the OCI exclusion rule does not apply where contractors prepare specifications under the supervision and control of government representatives.

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