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Government Scrap Sales - B-295585 ( March 11, 2005)

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Government Scrap Sales - B-295585 ( March 11, 2005)

As a general rule, OCIs may be broadly categorized into three situations: impaired objectivity, unequal access to information and biased ground rules. American Mgmt. Sys., Inc. , B-285645, Sept. 8, 2000, 2000 CPD 163 at 4. In an unequal access to information situation, there must be some showing that the allegedly conflicted entity has had access to information not available to the other competitors, while in a biased ground rules situation there must be some showing that the entity had an opportunity (such as in preparing the solicitation) to influence the ground rules for the competition. Id. Under the third situation, impaired objectivity, the concern is that, because of the nature of a firm's actual or potential work under another government contract, it may be unable to provide objective advice or judgments to the government. However, there simply is no basis to deny a firm an award due to bad faith that has not occurred but, rather, is a mere theoretical possibility.

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