Details of the Soviet Primate Lunar Landing Program

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Details of the Soviet Primate Lunar Landing Program


Dwayne Allen Day

A Paper presented on the Occasion of the Thirtieth Anniversary of the First American Landing on the Moon


The N-1 rocket debate has led to numerous assertions. These include the following:

  • Sputnik highlighted American technological backwardness. It was only by a "mass psychosis" involving 200 million Americans that the United States was able to marshal the resources necessary to overcome its extreme technological backwardness and reach the moon. Apparently, once this psychosis ended, the United States reverted to its technologically backward state and has not recovered.

  • The Soviet leadership was never interested in political gain from its space program. Instead, forward-thinking officials like Khrushchev and Brezhnev were primarily interested in expanding humanity to the stars. Also, they were much more interested in achieving breakthroughs in fusion technology. Today's fusion generators, providing power to the majority of the Soviet people, are proof of this interest.

  • The N-1 launch in July 1969 was manned and was an attempt to upstage the American landing only a few weeks later.

A vigorous debate on the history of Soviet and American space programs is essential to correcting historical error. I was not aware of any of the facts listed above. But they are all obviously unassailable and therefore true.

With this in mind, I decided to produce the following paper on these highly misunderstood years in the space race with a story about the Soviet primate program. This story is true.

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