Design and development of touristic products Main author: Gábor Michalkó Szilvia Boros, János Csapó, Éva Happ, Pál Horváth, Anikó Husz, Mónika Jónás-Beri, Katalin Lőrinc, Andrea Máté, Gábor Michalkó, Erzsébet Printz-Markó, Krisztina Priszinger, Tamara

Table 6           Interactions of MICE tourism and its environment

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Table 6           Interactions of MICE tourism and its environment

Environmental condition


Socio-cultural environment

-       enhances the establishment of connections between the individuals, groups and organizations of society -       strengthens the mutual understanding of people from different countries and cultures -       creates opportunity to discover the cultural values and traditions of places -       standard of living of local residents is an important attraction of tourism supply -       provides an incentive to the local residents to increase their professional qualification and to learn foreign languages

Natural environment

-       tourism investments may destroy natural environment: immediate solution of the problems related to water and waste management is necessary -       a well designed reception base that merges into the environment and is close to nature is a favoured destination of “off-site” tourism -       more and more tourism investments strive to meet the principles of sustainability and enhance “green-consciousness”

Economic environment

-       it creates job in tourism: for organizers of events, travels and conferences, for hotel, catering and transport professionals, and for travel guides -       taxes paid also increase the improvement of the conditions of MICE tourism -       it has a market extending effect: its additional effect is realized mainly in the receiving location -       multifunctional centres established in country locations support the enhancement of local product market -       improves economic structure: MICE tourism is the fastest developing branch of tourism industry -       multiplier and synergy effect

Political environment

-       political in-/stability of the country strongly influences the state of MICE tourism – it is an image-shaping factor -       multinational companies located into developing countries often get into conflict with the local social-economic background

Technological environment

-       electronic information means enable fast and direct exchange of information -       interactive websites, home pages support fast navigation -       electronic tourism supply results in cost saving for buyer and seller as well

Source: based on Tasnádi, 2002 constructed and complemented by: Husz, 2010

By designing tourism, the long-run interferences of tourism and its environment must be considered; the developed technical environment must support the ecological interest of mankind.  

By investigating the market of the MICE tourism, also the actual political factors and the strategic guidelines of national tourism development plans must be considered. The main objective of the Hungarian Tourism Development Strategy (2005–2013) is to improve the standard of living through tourism that is described by value centrism.  

The strategy first analyses the Hungarian situation and then highlights congress tourism as the third national priority of product development.  

“Hungary achieved an excellent position in the field of congress tourism, considering the results of scientific life, there is a high interest in Hungary in almost all specialized fields, but especially in medical sciences. Based on the data of the two largest congress world organizations (UIA, ICCA), Hungary and especially Budapest has an eminent position on the top-list of congress destinations.”  

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