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Based on the type of organisation, the following types of incentive tours can be differentiated:

-          Individual travel

-          Group travel with holiday character

-          Group travel with embedded seminar

-          Group travel including visit of company subsidiary

Travel agencies specialized in organizing incentive travels offer complex tourism packages that also include outward trip, accommodation, team building programmes and exercises, sightseeing tours, excursions, catering, and also technical equipments and tour guide, if needed. Today there are travel agencies all around the world that are specialized in organizing incentive travels. Organizing and arranging incentive travels is an above average sensitive task, since the travel bears the trade name of the client company, and every mistake made can impair also the company’s goodwill.

The Euromic is an organization including best offices of 35 countries around the world that are receiving incentive guests. The “/>Euro” in its name refers to our continent, while “mic” is the acronym of the words “Meeting Incentives Conceptions”. The organization accepts only one agency from each county. Hungary is represented by Blaguss Travel since 1998. Its headquarters is in Brussels, but it has a subsidiary office in Chicago as well, since one of the largest emitting partners is the United States.

Unfortunately, the international competitiveness of the supply of incentive travels available in Hungary is weak. Also the trend of incentive tours indicates that the bookers are less and less highbrows and they order more and more simple services. Foreign bookers hold Budapest and Hungary a cheap destination and the perceived price/value ration is going down, thus they are not ready to pay the real quality level of service (that they often feel bad about later on), since incentive programmes are not much cheaper in Hungary than in other countries.

It is also observable that barriers between company meetings and reward travels are increasingly diminishing, and combined programmes appear, the so-called concentive events, that are combining professional and leisure programmes as well (e.g. professional meeting + production facility visit + excursion + cultural programme).

The most popular Hungarian incentive travel destinations and programmes are follows:

Farm inn – Lajosmizse; finding the sward of Atilla the Hun in the Szigetköz – Halászi; Climbing adventure track on the Shipyard Island of Óbuda; Hungaroring Adventure Park; Knights Tournament in the Lower Castle and royal feats in the Renaissance Restaurant in Visegrád.

4.3. Conference tourism

Conference tourism is defined as the travel and stay of participants of congresses, conferences and symposia. It is one of the fastest growing fields of tourism.  

The participants arrive at the conferences with the following motivations:

-          extending knowledge, extending professional or scientific network, establishing international relationships, training, change of experiences, acknowledgment, holding presentation, relaxation

Conference tourism requires the following material and personal conditions:

-          Characteristics: characteristics must here be comprehended not as touristic features in the classical sense, as attractions for professionals in the case of conference tourism are more typically international acknowledgement, research work, acknowledged university

-          Capacity: accommodation, transport, congress and conference centres, conference hotels, catering and sport facilities, museums, other possible locations

-            Room: appropriate size, capacity, flexibility, equipment (plenary room, session rooms, exhibition hall, receiving halls, catering spaces, service area)

-          Technical conditions – furniture, lighting, amplification, interpretation, audio and video connection, internet

-            Event organizers: PCO – their tasks include organization, pre-arrangement and arrangement of congress, business and incentive tourism, DMC – a local enterprise that organizes services and transport of tourism and business motivated travels for the arriving groups

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