Design and development of touristic products Main author: Gábor Michalkó Szilvia Boros, János Csapó, Éva Happ, Pál Horváth, Anikó Husz, Mónika Jónás-Beri, Katalin Lőrinc, Andrea Máté, Gábor Michalkó, Erzsébet Printz-Markó, Krisztina Priszinger, Tamara

Service Proportion of respondents using

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Proportion of respondents using

Average level of satisfaction

Event “Open Whitsun Cellars”

89.61 %


Other event

25.97 %


Wine tasting

72.73 %


Wine purchase

42.86 %


Visiting cellars

64.94 %


(Quality of) accommodation

20.78 %


Culinary pleasures / catering possibilities

83.12 %


Folk traditions (e.g. local exhibition place)

31.17 %


Churches and monuments

51.95 %


Historical memorial places

37.66 %


Sport facilities (hiking, cycling)

22.08 %


Table 6: Level of satisfaction with the wine route services (Source: findings of the questionnaire survey)  

Accommodation and sport facilities are used by a low proportion of guests, and they are also the services with which respondents were the least satisfied. This determines the position of the surveyed area in wine tourism, which is precisely indicated by the willingness to return (Figure 4).

On the basis of overall impressions, almost each of the visitors would recommend the destination to everybody, especially their own generation. In accordance with this, 50% of respondents will certainly visit to the region again, and another 20% find it likely that they will return. The number of those who will not want to return to the Pannon Wine Region in any case is negligible. In this case, reasons why respondents reject return to the area were as follows: family engagements, they require one-off visits, or they find prices too high.


Yes, certainly  Probably         Perhaps           Probably not   No way           No reply

Figure 4: Willingness to return to the region (Source: findings of the questionnaire survey)     (Alpár, L. – Farkas, Z. – Geönczeöl, A. – Nemes, R. – Sztakovics, K. 2008, MTRt. – M.Á.S.T. 2006, Oszoli, Á. – Szabó, A. – Molnár, E. – Botos, E. P. 2003)   Table 7. Maslow’s pyramid of needs in enological and gastronomic tourism, extended by Mill-Morrison (ed. Máté, A.)

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