Design and development of touristic products Main author: Gábor Michalkó Szilvia Boros, János Csapó, Éva Happ, Pál Horváth, Anikó Husz, Mónika Jónás-Beri, Katalin Lőrinc, Andrea Máté, Gábor Michalkó, Erzsébet Printz-Markó, Krisztina Priszinger, Tamara

Spontaneously mentioned wine route

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Spontaneously mentioned wine route

Frequency of respondents mentioning them (%)

Szekszárd Wine Route

24.22 %

Villány-Siklós Wine Route

19.53 %

Villány Wine Route

14.84 %

Bóly-Mohács White Wine Route

8.59 %

Tolna Wine Route

7.03 %

Table 5: Popularity of the wine routes in the Pannon Wine Region (Source: findings of the questionnaire survey)  

In each wine producing area, approximately 85% of the respondents already used a wine route service. The level of satisfaction with the services is an important starting point of marketing and a measure of the quality of wine tourism services in the region. During the questionnaire survey guests evaluated both direct and indirect services of wine tourism, with which they were basically satisfied.

The most frequently used service directly related to wine tourism that guest used was wine tasting (72.73%), followed by visiting cellars (64.94%) (Table 6). Also, the highest level of satisfaction was attributed to wine tasting (4.77 on a 1 to 5 scale); the differences among the evaluations of the respective wine producing areas were negligible. As regards related service, the ones most frequently used by guests included catering (83.12%), which was the most popular of all services used.  

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