Design and development of touristic products Main author: Gábor Michalkó Szilvia Boros, János Csapó, Éva Happ, Pál Horváth, Anikó Husz, Mónika Jónás-Beri, Katalin Lőrinc, Andrea Máté, Gábor Michalkó, Erzsébet Printz-Markó, Krisztina Priszinger, Tamara

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Table 1: Active tourism products



Hiking in nature

Excursions Visit to national parks and other protected areas Walking tour Nordic Walking Achievements Mountain climbing Speleology

Cycling tourism

Individual cycling tour Group cycling tour Mountain cycling Bicycle race Achievements

Water tourism

Summer: Kayak and canoe tour Rowing Ship excursions Water skiing Yacht tour Sailing Jet-ski Kite (summer)   Winter: Skating on “Fakutya” (traditional ice-skate-like vehicle used on Lake Balaton) Skating Kite (winter)

Equestrian tourism

Horse riding tour Equestrian camp Draught carriage tours Equestrian training Medical horse riding

Golf tourism

Golf (leisure time) Golf teaching

Angling tourism

Angling on lakes (stil lwater) Angling on rivers Angling on seas and oceans – open sea angling

Hunting tourism


Ski tourism

Skiing Snowboarding Other new ski-related sports

Other active tourism types: leisure time sport activities

Motorsports (motorcycle track racing, enduro, quad, motocross) Motorcycling Cliff climbing Ice wall climbing Rafting Parachuting Different sorts of archery Etc.

Adventure tourism / extreme tourism

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