Descriptions of events given by Lt. Joe Haebe to the

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Descriptions of events given by Lt. Joe Haebe to the Santa Cruz Sentinel describe a rootin' tootin' free for all in which Bryan swung a baseball bat at Guerrasio's head inside the apartment, then hit Officer Zemaneck in the chest outside the apartĀ­ment causing him to fall on the ground. The police report said that Andrus then charged the other two officers, causing three of the officers to open fire, with Zemaneck firing from the ground.

Lorie Andrus witnessed no such event inside the apartment, and said it was impossible because the living room was too small for her husband to have swung a bat without hitting something else. Even harder to explain is that three children, in close proximity to the shooting, and other eyewitnesses, did not report seeing Bryan swing the bat and hit any officer.

Eight year old RJ, an eyewitness, said: "I saw Bryan swing the bat in the air. Then he held the bat like he was waiting for a pitch when they shot him."

None of the witnesses interviewed by Santa Cruzans for Full Disclosure saw an officer knocked to the ground or lying on the ground. Witnesses were unanimous in saying that all four officers were standing while shots were fired, and were standing at least 10 to 15 feet away from Andrus. Witnesses also claimed that the officers did not limp, rub an injured body part, or seem injured in any way immediately after the shooting as would be expected in a situation that later required hospital treatment, and weeks of sick leave. officers fire 10 shots Although witnesses report that Bryan Andrus fell when the first shot hit him.

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