Describe the geography of Italy

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Chapter 5, Section 1 Study Guide – The Rise of Rome

  1. Describe the geography of Italy.

  1. How did the Etruscans influence the development of Rome?

  1. What is a republic?

  1. Who was Livy?

  1. List 4 characteristics that made Rome successful:

  1. Define the following:

    1. Patricians

    1. Plebeians

    1. Consuls

    1. Praetors

    1. Roman Senate

  1. Describe the Twelve Tables.

  1. Who was Rome’s adversary in the Punic Wars?

Chapter 5, Section 2 Study Guide – Republic to Empire

  1. Describe the reforms of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus.

  1. How did Marius change the army?

  1. What is a triumvirate?

  1. Name the members of the 1st Triumvirate.

  1. What happened to Julius Caesar?

  1. List the members of the 2nd Triumvirate.

  1. Describe the Pax Romana.

Chapter 5, Section 3 Study Guide – Roman Culture & Society

  1. Who was Virgil?

  1. Who was Homer?

  1. Describe the works of Livy.

  1. Describe the role of the pater familias.

Chapter 5, Section 4 Study Guide – Development of Christianity

  1. List 4 chief Roman gods and goddesses.

  1. Who was Jesus?

  1. What was the center of Paul’s message?

  1. Why did the Romans persecute the Christians?

  1. Describe the 3 reasons why Christianity was able to attract and maintain followers?

  1. Which Roman Emperor stopped the persecution of Christians?

  1. Who became the first Christian Roman Emperor?

  1. Which Roman Emperor made Christianity the official religion of the empire?

Chapter 5, Section 5 Study Guide – Decline and Fall

  1. List 3 things which caused problems for the empire.

  1. Describe the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine.

  1. Why did the Visigoths invade the Roman empire?

  1. Where did the Vandals attack?

  1. List 3 theories on the fall of the Roman empire:

  1. What year is seen as the end of the Roman Empire?

  1. What theory from question number 5 do you believe best describes why the Roman Empire fell? Why do you believe this?

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