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Descendants of John Toliver

Generation No. 1
1. JOHN2 TOLIVER (UNKNOWN1) was born 1760 in NC, and died Abt. 1863 in Alleghany County, NC. He married TABITHA HOWELL Abt. 1785 in Probably Montgomery Co., VA, daughter of JAMES HOWELL and UNKNOWN. She was born 1765 in VA, and died May 24, 1845 in Ashe now Alleghany County, NC.

Revolutionary War pension application affidavits state that John, Moses, and Jesse were brothers. Jesse was born on the Rappahanock River in Prince William Co., VA. By the time John was born, that area had become Fauquier County. Shortly afterward (he doesn't say when), the family moved to the James River area about 30 miles from Richmond. Information in John's military pension file and that of his brother Jesse indicates that they and their brother Moses, (there may have been two other brothers, Charles and William), came to NC with their father before the Revolutionary War began. The identity of their father has not been definitely proven, but it is likely that his name was either John or William, since those are the only two Toliver males who appear on tax lists of the correct period. Further, about five or six years before the Revolutionary War began (about 1770), the family moved to Surry (later Wilkes) County, NC, east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The father was still living and was involved in this move, but he is not named in any of the pension records of Jesse or John. Land records show Tollivers buying extensively along the Roaring River, Mulberry Creek, and the Yadkin River between 1778 and 1781. Following the Battle of King's Mountain (1780), the Tolliver brothers and others in the family including their mother (who is not named) moved west of the Blue Ridge to the part of Wilkes that later became Ashe and still later became Alleghany County. There was no mention of the father being involved in the 1780 move. If William Toliver (1730-1774) was the father of Moses, Jesse, John, and some or all of the others, his death in 1774 fits the fact of the absence of the father in 1780. Also, there is a William Toliver on tax lists in Surry County in 1771 and 1772 (Wilkes was formed from Surry in 1777). Of course, to "muddy the waters" a bit, there is also a Dr. John Taliaferro there during the same years.

John did not receive a pension. He applied for and received a Bounty Land Warrant #67685 - 160 acres issued 1855. Most warrants given to NC men were in TN. The following is taken from a letter written in 1930 by E. W. Morgan representing the National Archives to Mrs. Fred Cretney in Leadville, Colorado:

"You are advised that it appears from the Revolutionary War records of this bureau that John Toliver, while residing in Wilkes County, North Carolina, enlisted in the latter part of the war and served fourteen days 'and upwards', as a private in Captain Martin Gambill's company in Colonel Benjamin Cleveland's North Carolina regiment. He was allowed bounty land in full satisfaction for the service rendered, on his application executed June 17, 1856, at which time he was living in Ashe County, North Carolina and was aged ninety-four or ninety-six years. In 1856, Charles H. Toliver and Jesse Toliver testified in the case. They were both at that time residing in Ashe County, North Carolina. No relationship to soldier stated." Bounty Land Warrant 67685 - 160 - 55 - bounty land warrant allowed and executed in June 1856 in Ashe Co., NC.

Note: Charles H. Toliver was John's son and Jesse Toliver was his grandson (son of Charles' sister, Susanna, and Allen Tolliver). Jesse was married to John's granddaughter, Louisa, William's daughter.

Tax List 1774 Surry Co., NC John and Jesse are in the same household ( 2 polls: 2 white males 16-60)

1790 Wilkes Co., NC - Morgan District - John Toliver- Males 1 ages 16 and over; 3 females. Brothers Jesse, Charles, William, and Moses are also listed in the 1790 census.

1800 Ashe Co., NC - John Toliver - Males 3 ages 0-9, 1 age 10-15, 1 age 26-44; Females 3 ages 0-9, and 1 age 26-44. (Possible children: ages 0-9 George, James, Charles; age 10-15 William; ages 0-9 Mary, Susanna, ?)

1810 Ashe Co., NC - John Toliver 2 males 0-10, 5 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45; 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45.

1820 Ashe Co., NC - John Toliver 1 male 45+, 1 female 45+, 3 males 10-16, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 0-9.

1830 Ashe Co., NC Charles Toliver 20-30, males 2 under 5, 1 60-70 John (?); females 1 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 20-30, 1 60-70 (Tabitha (?)

1840 Ashe Co., NC - John Toliver, Sr. - age 70-79 years; Female age 70-79.

1850 Ashe Co., NC #164 Charles Tolliver 51 NC

Patience 48 NC

Tabitha 20 NC, James 18 NC, John 17, Leah 16, Pheba 13, Emaly 11, Nelly 9, Mazy 7 NC, John Toliver 86 NC, Benjamin Shaw 56 NC shoemaker

1860 Alleghany Co., NC - #410 C. H. Tolliver 60 NC

Patience 55 NC

Emily 19 NC, Nelly 18, Mazy 16, Rindy 6, Rufus 4, John Tollaver 100 NC, Hiram Maines 22 VA

A letter written July 10, 1848 to James and Elizabeth Maxwell Toliver from Joseph Maxwell (Lucy's son) says that "Old Uncle John Toliver had lost his sight but was in good health for a man of his age."

On August 29, 1845 John testified to the State of North Carolina that he had witnessed the marriage of Jesse Toliver and Franky Stamper in 1782 and that they had lived together as man and wife about fifty-six years until his death February 7, 1838.

In the DAR Patriot Lookup, John Toliver is listed as John Taliaferro b. 1760. He was a Private. He died in 1863 in NC. No one received a pension. His spouse was Tabitha Howell.

The SAR list him as John Toliver, Private.

National Archives W5012 - In a deposition for the widow of Samuel Johnson on Sept. 20, 1856 in Ashe Co., NC, John Toliver, swore before Justice of the Peace, James Gambill, that he had lived in the county of Wilkes in NC at the time of the War of the Revolution; that Samuel Johnson had been a Captain in the war and that he had known Samuel's father, Jeffrey. He also knew Mary Hammons and believed Samuel and Mary were married after the Battle of King's Mountain, SC (Oct. 7, 1780 - credited with being the turning point of the war in the South) and before he moved with his mother to the west side of the Blue Ridge, now Ashe Co. He also stated that "his two older brothers Jesse Toliver and Moses" lived on the west side of the Blue Ridge and that they had served in the War.

John C. Tolliver, Jr. documented in September 1962 that Tabitha Toliver's grave was on the Homer Rector farm in Alleghany Co., NC. The tombstone gives her name, died May 24th, 1845, 80 years. This Old Toliver Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of Niles Road and Route 221. This is not far from the Virginia line. John owned land from the Virginia line to Niles Road. At the 2006 Tolliver Reunion David Tolliver (son of Paul, Noah B. Drury, James, John b. 1760) told of his visit to the cemetery. It was announced that the cemetery needed to be restored. Donald Tolliver (son of Gus, Link, Melvin, Lytte, John b. 1760) took the lead. He and James Oxford (son of Priselander, Charles, Remington, Lytte, James, John b. 1760) and James' wife, Rosalind, cleaned up the cemetery, dug up the old stones, reset them in concrete bases, installed a chain-link fence, and marble sign over the gate. A military stone was installed for John and a new stone purchased for his wife, Tabitha. Several family members contributed money to this effort. A special Memorial Service/ Grave-Marking Ceremony was organized and led by Joe Harris, President of the NC Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution on October 21, 2006. Joe is a descendant of the Samuel Johnson mentioned above. William T. Tolliver, Jr. (son of William, Marion, Hugh, William, John b. 1760) spoke about John. Lunch was provided by the Jonathan Hunt Chapter of the DAR. Over 80 persons attended, including descendants of four of John's children. SAR members from different Chapters led the Grave-Marking Ceremony. Information concerning this event can be found the the Alleghany News (Sparta, NC), Jefferson Post (Jefferson, NC), and Independence (VA) Declaration. Also in the September 2007 issue of the Common Patriot, edited and published by T. M. Jacobs and the Two If By Sea Publishing, there is an article about John, the Revolutionary War soldier.

Indenture Bk. #4, p. 422, Grayson Co., VA lists the heirs of James Howll: George Howell, John Toliver, Tabitha Toliver, Jonathan Osborne, James Howell (Jr.?), and Alexander Howell.


Burial: Family Cemetery on Homer Rector Farm on Road 1403

Deed: 1823, James Howell Deed, Grayson Co., VA

Military service: Revolutionary War Soldier/

Religion: Baptist/

Tax Record: 1815, Ashe Co., NC

Grayson Co., VA Deed Book 4, p. 442 - Aug. 9, 1821. Heirs of James Howell, deceased, convey a 100-acre tract of land on the New River. Signatures on the deed: George Howell, John Toliver, Tabitha Toliver, Jonathan Osborn, James Howell. Witnesses: Harden Cox, Andrew Osborn, Solomon Osborn, Mary Howell, George Howell, Jr.


Burial: Family Cemetery on Homer Rector Farm on Road 1403


2. i. JOHN3 TOLIVER, b. Bet. 1780 - 1790, NC; d. Bet. 1840 - 1850, Probably White Co., IN.

3. ii. WILLIAM "BILLY" TOLIVER, b. 1787, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Jul 06, 1875, Alleghany Co., NC.

4. iii. MARY L. TOLIVER, b. 1792, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Mar 21, 1887, Lexington, McLean Co., Illinois.

5. iv. JAMES TOLLIVER, b. Jan 03, 1795, Wilkes Co., NC; d. 1861, Alleghany Co., NC.

v. GEORGE TOLIVER, b. Abt. 1797; d. 1827, Grayson Co., VA; m. MARGARET "PEGGY ANN" BLEVINS, Apr 13, 1824, Grayson County, VA; b. Oct 25, 1800, Grayson Co., VA; d. Mar 25, 1893, Alleghany Co., NC.


Deed Bk. D. p. 438, Feb. 25, 1825, John Toliver to son, George, both of Ashe Co., 150 acres for $150. on Dog Creek of New River add Doughtons, James Toliver, and Wagon Rd. Wit: Jessie White, David Landreth. Pr. Feb. 1827.


Margaret 80 is with the family of Hardin and Frances Toliver Reeves.


Burial: George McMillan Reeves Cem. (4 mi from Sparta)

6. vi. CHARLES H. TOLIVER, b. Jun 11, 1800; d. Dec 12, 1877, Alleghany Co., NC.

7. vii. SUSAN TOLIVER, b. 1803; d. Bef. Jun 09, 1893, Allegheny Co., NC (will).

Generation No. 2
2. JOHN3 TOLIVER (JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born Bet. 1780 - 1790 in NC, and died Bet. 1840 - 1850 in Probably White Co., IN. He married (1) ANNA BALDWIN in Possibly NC. She was born Bet. 1790 - 1800, and died Bet. 1823 - Jan 1826 in Probably Tippecanoe Co., IN. He married (2) VIOLETTE "LETTIE" MICKLE Jan 26, 1826 in Montgomery Co., IN, daughter of ARCHIBALD MICKLE and ELIZABETH MCMUNN. She was born Abt. 1810, and died Aft. Nov 1853.

A DNA test taken by Patrick Tolliver, a descendant of George Toliver, son of John, is our only proof that this John was a son of John Toliver and Tabitha Howell. He was an exact match with 4 other descendants of John Toliver.

There is no written documentation that this John is John and Tabitha's son. It is based on the DNA match. It is possible that John could have had a brother that we do not know about who could have had a son but at this point we do not know of any possible brothers. The DNA does not match the other Tolliver "brothers," only John 1760. Charles, Jesse, William and John 1760 were in NC in 1790. Charles, Jesse, and John were there in 1800. We know all the children of Charles and Jesse.

This John and his first 4 children were consistent in saying they were born in NC. He named a daughter Tabitha.

The 1810 NC census does not list first names, only initials so it is difficult to be sure about who is who.

1815 Ashe Co., NC Tax List - William and John Toliver are listed next to each other - no acreage, aged 21-50). Next to them is Enoch Baldwin (375 acres and no poll (over 50 years) and Theophelus Baldwin (no acres and age 21-50). On the same page is John Toliver, Sr. with 1200 acres and no polls (over 50). (This is John b. 1760.)

May 1818 Grayson Co., VA court records - John Toliver, Sr. and John Toliver, Jr. are on the same jury together.

1819 Theophilus Baldwin went to Lawrence Co., IN. Did John go with him?

1820 Lawrence Co., IN John Toliver 26-45, 2 males 0-10 (James and Alfred), 1 male 16-26 ? (is this brother James who married Mary Baldwin? can't find in NC), 3 females to 10 (Elizabeth, Tabitha, Mary), 1 female 26-45 (Anna ?).

According to a History of Wabash Township, the settlers in 1824 were Francis Sunderland, James Pierce, James Severson, Peter Caster, John Tolliver, Mr. McGuire, Michael and Philip Hoboy and James McCune.

John bought land in Wea, Tippecanoe Co., IN on April 15, 1825.

1830 Tippecanoe Co., IN John Tolliver 40-50

female 30-40

males 2 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 15-20

females 1 5-10, 1 10-15

Three doors away is Elisha Freel 20-30 who m. Elizabeth Toliver in 1827.

Next door is Isaac Owen who married John's daughter, Tabitha.

Two doors away is Joseph Michael 30-40 and wife and child.

1840 White Co., IN John Toliver 40-50 (b. 1790-1800)

2 males 5-10- (George and Reuben)

1 male 10-15 - (Archibald)

1 female 30-40 (Violette)

White county was formed in April 1, 1834 from the Wabash Purchase that included parts of Warren, Montgomery, Fountain, and other counties.

Letty Tolliver married Francis Boggs Oct. 20, 1850 in Warren Co., IN. He died in 1852.

A younger John Toliver is found in 1830 Warren Co., IN p. 188 - age 30-40; female 20-30; 1 male 10-20, 2 males 0-5; 1 female 5-10 ?????


The only proof of Anna Baldwin is the marriage of their daughter, Celia Ann Toliver Smith on May 10, 1891 in Warren Co., IN (Bk. 14, p. 214) to Joseph Cox (Bk. 7 p. 553). She lists her parents as John Toliser (sic) and Anna Baldwin. This comes from the supplemental Marriage Transcript Records for Warren Co., IN. Celia was 72.

Anna's birth date is estimated from her first child being born March 1811.

1820 Lawrence Co., IN (next door to Enoch Baldwin) Males 20011, Females 3001.

Lettie Toliver m. Francis Boggs Oct. 20, 1950 in Warren Co., IN. This suggests that John Toliver died between 1840-1850.

Violett Boggs m. John J. Burns Nov. 13, 1853 in Warren Co., IN.

Children of JOHN TOLIVER and ANNA BALDWIN are:

8. i. ELIZABETH4 TOLIVER, b. Mar 11, 1811, NC; d. May 13, 1854, Bur. Cass Co., IN.

9. ii. ALFRED TOLIVER, b. Jan 10, 1812, NC; d. Aug 13, 1869, IN.

10. iii. TABITHA TOLIVER, b. May 01, 1816, NC; d. Feb 07, 1889, Girard, Crawford, KS.

11. iv. MARY TOLIVER, b. 1817, NC; d. Aft. 1895, Possibly KS.

12. v. JAMES B. TOLIVER, b. 1819, NC/IN; d. Mar 14, 1885, Tippecanoe Co., IN.

13. vi. CELIA SEELY ANN TOLIVER, b. 1823, IN; d. Feb 24, 1895, Bur. Independence Cem., Warren Co., IN.


14. vii. ARCHIBALD4 TOLIVER, b. 1828, Warren Co., IN; d. Oct 07, 1862, Alexandria, VA.

15. viii. GEORGE W. TOLIVER, b. Apr 09, 1830, Warren Co., IN; d. Feb 27, 1882, Pottawatomie, KS.

16. ix. REUBEN TOLIVER, b. Aug 26, 1834, Warren Co., IN; d. Jul 15, 1907, Payne Co., OK Bur. Marena Cem..

3. WILLIAM "BILLY"3 TOLIVER (JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1787 in Wilkes Co., NC, and died Jul 06, 1875 in Alleghany Co., NC. He married ELIZABETH (BETSY) LONG May 24, 1814 in Grayson County, VA by Elisha Bedwell; Bk.1, p, 9., daughter of WILLIAM LONG and CATHERINE SURFACE. She was born Sep 01, 1791 in Grayson County, VA, and died Apr 11, 1878 in Alleghany County, NC.

According to historian, Lorene Sturgill, William (Billy) Toliver owned several hundred acres of land north of Sparta on what is now Niles Road. Billy's daughter Louisa, who married her first cousin, Jesse Tolliver (son of Allen and Susan), lived there after Billy died. Louisa and Jesse adopted and raised Louisa Hudson who married John Robert Crouse. The land or part of it is now owned by the Crouse family. Billy and his wife, Elizabeth, are buried in the Crouse Cemetery which is on the property.

Mrs. Theresa Blevins Crouse who lived on the farm when we were there in 1999 said that Billy lived in a log house on the hill behind her home. She pointed out the spot where the ground was uneven in the shape of a house. Part of the foundation is still there. She also said that Billy had a country store/grocery and a still. Stills were not illegal then. One encyclopedia states that "nearly every prosperous man had his whiskey or brandy still." Every month or two Billy would take his wagon and horses and go to either Elkin or North Wilkesboro to trade. He would take goods to sell such as chestnuts, butter, hog meat, honey, wax, lard, and eggs. He would buy supplies such as salt, yarn, pins, needles, tools, crockery ware, ammunition, and cooking utensils. Either trip took 2-3 days. Upon returning he would take his money pouch containing gold up in the woods just east of his house. He would return with an empty pouch. Finally, he had a stroke that affected his throat so he was unable to talk. For years people have dug and searched for the gold, but as far as Theresea knew, no one has ever found it.

Mrs. Crouse also told us that there used to be a Toliver School across the road from Billy's house. We saw a picture of the Toliver School in the Alleghany County history book.

1820 Ashe Co., NC - William Toliver - age 26-44

males 2 ages 0-9; females 2 ages 0-9, 1 age 26-44

(shows a second female born before 1820)

1830 - Ashe Co., NC - William Toliver - age 40-49; wife 30-39; 2 sons age 10-14; 2 females 0-4, 2 females 5-9, 1 female 10-14.

1840 -Ashe Co., NC - W. Tolliver 40-49

males 2 ages 20-29; females 1 ages 0-4,3 ages 5-9, 2 ages 10-14,

1 age 15-19, 1 age 40-49.

1850 - Ashe Co., NC #146 - William Toliver 50 NC Real estate $1200.

Elizabeth 50 VA

Louisa 21, Caroline 19, Anny 17, Elizabeth 15 NC

1860 - Alleghany Co., NC, Gap Civil Post Office, #40 (Hugh is at #39)

William Tollavar 70 farmer NC Real estate $200. Personal property $200.

Elizabeth 70 keeping house VA

1870 - Alleghany Co., NC, Sparta Township #103 - William Toliver 85 NC

Elizabeth 78 VA

Byden 25 NC (Hugh's son Boyd)

J.D. Reeder's grandma, Adda Lena Tolliver who was the great-granddaughter of James and granddaughter of Lytte, called Lytte and Hugh cousins. Family Tree DNA reported in May 2003 that the Y-DNA of Eleanor's brother and my husband, William T. Tolliver, Jr. (Hugh's line) match. That is further proof that William and James were both sons of John Toliver.
William Toliver's will (Bk. A,p. 13, Alleghany Co., NC) dated May 29, 1874 mentions wife, Elizabeth; daughter Matilda Hoppers, daughter Malinda Pugh, daughter Lucy Ashley, son Eli Toliver, heirs of daughters Amy Ward and Elizabeth, daughter Caroline Phipps, heirs of son Hugh Toliver, daughter Louisa Toliver, wife of Jesse.

Burial: Crouse Cemetery, Niles Rd., Sparta, NC

Record: Marriage recorded in Grayson Co., VA Marriage Book, p. 9.

Betsy's brother, Samuel Long, was born 1790 in Montgomery Co., VA (became Grayson Co., VA in 1793). The 1810 census lists many "Surface" names.

Betsy was named in her father's will probated in Grayson Co., VA in Feb. 1822. She was given a parcel of land known by the name of the Sawyer place. Also her bed and furniture and saddle.

The DAR Library says that " William Long was born in Augusta Co., VA in 1755. (This part of Augusta Co., VA was sub-divided in 1778 and became Rockingham Co.) He served in battles in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia in the American Revolution from March 10, 1777 to Feb. 6, 1781. He was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant and was promoted to Captain in 1780. He was discharged Feb. 6, 1781." The records also state he was married to Catherine Surface. Betsy's parents are buried in the Family Cemetery at Long's Gap. It is across from their old homeplace which still stands.

Some of Betsy's Long relatives came to Morgan Co., KY about the same time that Hugh came.

Burial: Crouse Cemetery, Niles Rd., Sparta, NC


Recorded in Grayson Co., VA Marriage Book 1, page 9.


17. i. HUGH "HUGHEY" BURTON4 TOLIVER, b. Mar 14, 1815; d. Nov 14, 1866, Salem, Morgan County, KY (Salem Cem.).

18. ii. MALINDA TOLIVER, b. Jan 19, 1817; d. Mar 07, 1894, Alleghany Co., NC (Wyatt Cem.).

19. iii. ELI TOLIVER, b. 1820; d. Aft. Dec 1882, Alleghany County, NC.

20. iv. MATILDA TOLIVER, b. Oct 10, 1823; d. Feb 02, 1895, Alleghany County, NC.

21. v. LUCINDA "LUCY" TOLIVER, b. Abt. 1825; d. Oct 25, 1911, Knott Co., KY #26335 (Adams Cem.).

22. vi. LOUISA TOLIVER, b. Sep 26, 1826; d. Jul 20, 1920, Alleghany County, NC (Crouse Cem.).

23. vii. CAROLINE TOLIVER, b. Aug 06, 1828; d. Jan 13, 1884, Dickenson Co., VA Phipps Cem..

24. viii. ELIZABETH TOLIVER, b. Dec 03, 1832; d. Jan 11, 1859, Grayson Co., VA (Silas Ward Cem.).

25. ix. ANNA "ANEY" TOLIVER, b. Abt. 1833; d. Bet. 1860 - 1861, Probably Grayson Co., VA.

4. MARY L.3 TOLIVER (JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1792 in Wilkes Co., NC, and died Mar 21, 1887 in Lexington, McLean Co., Illinois. She married DANIEL CHANCE 1817 in NC, son of PURNELL CHANCE and STARLING BARNES. He was born 1792 in Baltimore Co., MD, and died Dec 06, 1876 in McLean, IL.

They moved to Clay Co., IN about 1820 and then to McLean Co. about 1846.

1850 McLean Co., IL - Daniel Chance 56 MD

Mary 57 NC

Debora 18 IN, Sarah J. 18 IN

1860 McLean Co., IL Gridley #171 - Daniel 66 MD

Polly 66 NC

William Blunk 19 MO farmhand

#170 James Chance 36 IN

Deborah 40 KY

Mathias Popejay 25 IN

1870 McLean Co., IL Daniel 77 MD

Polly 77 NC

1880 McLean Co, IL Lexington - "Grandma" Chance 86 with granddaughter

The History of McLean Co., IL states that they were among the earliest settlers there.


i. ALFRED4 CHANCE, b. 1817, NC; d. Aft. 1860, Possibly IA; m. AMELIA ?, Abt. 1840; b. 1815, KY; d. Aft. 1860.

1860 Wayne Co., IA Wright Twp. #368 Alfred, Emilia, and 8 children.

ii. GREEN CHANCE, b. 1818; d. Bef. 1876.

iii. DENITHA CHANCE, b. 1819; d. Bef. 1873; m. CHRISTOPHER BRANHAM.

iv. TABITHA CHANCE, b. 1820, IN; d. 1880.

v. JAMES CHANCE, b. 1821, Clay Co., IN; m. DEBORAH ?.

vi. REBECCA CHANCE, b. 1823, Clay Co., IN; d. Nov 03, 1907, Clay Co., NE (; m. ALBERT HANCOCK, Dec 17, 1839, Owen Co., IN; b. Sep 12, 1820, Shelby Co., KY; d. Oct 18, 1902, Clay Co., NE (

vii. ABSOLEM CHANCE, b. Mar 25, 1827, Clay Co., IN; d. Dec 28, 1895, Harper Co., KS (

viii. ELIZABETH ANN CHANCE, b. 1829.


x. JOHN CHANCE, b. 1832.

xi. DEBORAH CHANCE, b. 1832.

xii. SARAH JANE CHANCE, b. Jun 24, 1833; d. Nov 25, 1873; m. WILLIAM HARNESS, Feb 04, 1855, McLean Co., IL; b. Jul 15, 1833, Fayette Co., OH; d. Oct 17, 1924, Sawedelle, CA.

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