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31. ABNER CARROLL9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 15 February 1835 in Simpson Co. MS, and died 25 March 1910 in Bosque Co. TX. He married (1) SUSAN B. HOWARD 9 May 1861 in Bosque Co. TX, daughter of COLONEL HOWARD and SARAH CREATH. She was born 26 April 1845 in Lavaca Co. TX, and died 20 October 1898 in Morgan, Bosque Co. TX. He married (2) MRS E.F. STEVENS 23 March 1899 in Bosque Co. TX. He married (3) CAROLINE BAKER Abt. 1901 in Bosque Co. TX.

Information from Patsy Seay:

The following is taken from a wonderful book titled THE HISTORY OF TEXAS, c 1896, Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago. A copy is in the Bosque County Museum and also in the Special Collections at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I read and copied the article from Baylor and was able to take very good photos of Abner and his wife shown in that book. The article reads as follows, " Abner Carroll Womack, whose pleasant rural residence is adjacent to the town of Morgan, Bosque County, and who has maintained his residence on this farm for more than a quarter of a century, is classed foremost among the most intelligent and prominent farmers of the county; and it is threfore a matter of pleasure to present to our readers a review of his career.

Abner C. Womack was born in Simpson County, Mississippi, February 15, 1835, and is a representative of a family long resident of America, although his ancestors were originally from Scotland. Seven brothers of the name came from the land of hill and heather to this country about 1670, and from them descended a large posterity that setled in various parts of the Union and figured prominently in every was that has been waged on American soil, from the Revolution down to the great civil strife of 1861065. The father of our subject, A.P. Womack ws born inGeorgia in 1806, ws rered in Louisiana and at the age ot twenty ws united in marriage to Miss Stacy Short. In 1850 they emigrated to Texas, locating in Polk County, where Mrs. Womack died the following year. She left a family of thirteen children. (I am not naming the children here-PJS) In 1853 the father of this family was again married, his second union being with Mrs. Telitha Furguson, by whom he had six children. (I am not naming the children here-PJS) The father of this family died January 16, 1894, at the home of his son, Abner. For many years he was an honored member of the Methodist - Episcopal church and to the last cherished a loving faith in his Savior, dying in full hope of immortal life. Politically, he was a Republican fro the time of the organization of the party.

Abner C. Womack was reared in Mississippi, remaining there until 1850, when he came to Texas, and in 1859 became a member of Bosque County. during the second year of the war he was conscripted and sent to Austin in the regular army. Subsequently he was discharged and then entered the frontier service, where he was on duty most of the time until the close of the war. He now has one hundred and fifteen acres under cultivation and has kept pace with the development and progress that has been carried during these years.

Mr. Womack was married May 9, 1861 to Miss Susan Howard, a native of Lavaca county, Texas, born April 26, 1845. Her father was Phillip Howard, one of the most prominent men in the state in an early day, represented elsewhere in this volume. Mr. and Mrs. Womack have had ten children, seven of whom are living, namely; Mrs. Minta Ligon, Laura, Mrs. Sarah Belcher, Phillip S., Elbert D., William S., and Mark B. The three deceased are Adney, who died at the age of three years; Eugene, who died in infancy, and Mathew G., who died at the age of sixteen years.

Mr. Womack is a Republican. He cast his first vote for General Houston and again supported him in 1859. In 1861 he was one of the four men of his voting precinct who supported the Union ticket, and he has never since has cause to lose faith in the grand old party which then saved the country, so that he is still identified with its interests and supports its candidates. He is a Mason in good standing, having united with the fraternity in Meridian in 1873, and aftereward becoming a charter member of the Morgan lodge." End of article.

Fact 1: He was a Mason.

Fact 2: Served in the Confederate States Army


Military service: Civil War

Burial: Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX

Children of ABNER WOMACK and SUSAN HOWARD are:

40. i. MINTY10 WOMACK, b. 23 July 1862, TX; d. 4 December 1934, Loving, Young Co. TX.

ii. ADNEY WOMACK, b. 29 December 1864; d. 7 March 1868.

iii. EUGENIA WOMACK, b. 17 January 1867; d. 17 January 1867.

iv. MATHEW GRANT WOMACK, b. 21 October 1869, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 13 August 1887, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX.

Burial: Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX
v. LAURA ETTA WOMACK, b. 24 April 1872.

vi. SARAH WOMACK, b. 8 November 1874, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 27 April 1931, Highland, San Bernadino Co. CA; m. JAMES LOVEY BELCHER, 15 December 1892, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; b. 19 January 1868, Jasper Co. GA; d. 13 January 1928, Elida, New Mexico.

vii. PHILLIP SAMUEL WOMACK, b. 2 February 1877, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 7 January 1972, Alvin, Brazoria Co. TX; m. (1) HATTIE CONNELL; m. (2) AREY B. GRAHAM.

Hattie died at the young age of 23 or 24 of pulmonary tuberculosis. At the time of her death, their home was in Bosque County, but she had been in a hospital or sanitarium for 9 months in DeLeon, Texas prior to her death.
Notes for AREY B. GRAHAM:

Arey and Philip lived in Atoka, Oklahoma. According to information from Judy Womack of Manvel, Texas, Philip and Arie had about 10 children.
viii. ELBERT DECATOR WOMACK, b. 22 February 1879.

ix. WILLIAM FRED WOMACK, b. 20 September 1881.

x. MARK BLANE WOMACK, b. 14 December 1884.

32. CALVIN GREEN9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 27 November 1836 in Jefferson Co. MS, and died 10 November 1905 in Morgan, Bosque Co. TX. He married TELITHA ANN FURGUSON Abt. 1861 in Morgan, Bosque Co. TX, daughter of JAMES FURGUSON and TELITHA FURGUSON. She was born 1845 in Liberty Co. TX, and died 1892 in Morgan, Bosque Co. TX.

Telitha was his step-sister

Burial: Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX

Military service: Civil War


41. i. SARAH FRANCIS 'FANNIE'10 WOMACK, b. 7 November 1862, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 18 January 1952, Brady, McCulloch Co. TX.

ii. CALVIN DECATUR WOMACK, b. 19 May 1865, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 12 September 1891, Bosque Co. TX; m. MATILDA ETTA JANE MYERS, 7 January 1890, Bosque Co. TX; b. 5 February 1870, Miller Co. MO; d. 3 June 1933.

Burial: Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX
iii. MARY ANGELINA 'ANGIE' WOMACK, b. May 1867, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; m. RICHARD D. RAYE, 6 October 1884.

iv. THOMAS WASHINGTON 'TOM' WOMACK, b. November 1870, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 3 October 1936; m. RACHEL ELIZABETH MYERS, 20 August 1895, Bosque Co. TX; b. 31 March 1878, Bosque Co. TX; d. 24 June 1955, Big Spring, TX.

v. ELIZABETH JANE 'JENNIE' WOMACK, b. September 1874, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. Aft. January 1952, Purcell, McClain Co. Oklahoma ??.; m. C. AMBROSE JOHNSTON, 21 February 1894, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX.

vi. JAMES MADISON 'JIM' WOMACK, b. 30 January 1877, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 25 November 1958, Waco, TX?; m. MARY BELL BURGAN, 5 February 1900, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; b. March 1880, AR.

vii. ABNER P. 'A P' WOMACK, b. 26 February 1881, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 15 December 1905, Bosque Co. TX?.

viii. ROBERT GREEN 'BOB' WOMACK, b. August 1887, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; m. AMANDA NEELAN.

33. ANGELINA9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 28 April 1838 in Simpson Co. MS, and died 29 August 1922 in Itasca, Hill Co. TX. She married (1) RICHARD J. BURCH 5 September 1852 in Polk Co. TX. She married (2) JOSEPH E. TURNER 16 November 1854 in Polk Co. TX. He was born 18 March 1836 in Alabama, and died 4 December 1901 in Itasca, Hill Co. TX.


The 1870 census of Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas shows this family with $10,000 in real estate value and $1000 personal property. Also, listed in this home is Julia A. Womack, 21, sister to Angelina. Julia is also listed in the household of her parents for 1870, Bosque County. Theree were 3 days difference in the censuses were taken.

The information for this family and the following information in this message line is from a descendant Malvin R. Turner, 307 E. Adams, Itasca, Texas 76055. Phone: 254/687-2969.

(2/97)..... They owned land in Houston County, Texas from 1857-1861. Joseph enlisted in the Confederate service; Co. A, Burnett's Regiment, Gould's Battalion and served until the end of the war. After making several other moves, they bought a farm in Hill County in 1877, located 3 miles east of Itasca, known as Rockwall Community. Malvin also says that relatives who remembered Angelina said she was very short and thin, but strong; that cancer had destroyed her nose and she wore something to cover it. Her death certificate lists that cancer was the cause of death. She died, age 84 years. Their home is still standing with a historical marker.


Burial: Turner Cemetery, Itasca, Hill Co. TX


i. MARY JANE10 BURCH, b. 29 June 1853, Polk Co. TX; d. 17 December 1926.




iv. JOSEPH RICHARD TURNER, b. 7 November 1855, Polk Co. TX.

v. SARAH CATHERINE TURNER, b. 26 February 1857, Trinity Co. TX.

vi. JOHN ABNER TURNER, b. 3 January 1859, Trinity Co. TX.

vii. JOHN DAVIS TURNER, b. 13 September 1861, Houston Co. TX.

viii. DAVID WHITE TURNER, b. 15 April 1864, Trinity Co. TX.

ix. MANSEL BYRD TURNER, b. 18 August 1866, Trinity Co. TX.

x. GEORGE JACKSON WASHINGTON TURNER, b. 30 December 1868, Hill Co. TX.

xi. WILLIAM HENRY TURNER, b. 23 April 1872, Hill Co. TX.

xii. ROXYANNH TURNER, b. 5 November 1874, Hill Co. TX.

xiii. MANLY TURNER, b. 13 January 1877, Hill Co. TX.

xiv. REUBEN ALEXANDER TURNER, b. 25 November 1880.

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