Derek Zilgme The Great Depression English III

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Derek Zilgme The Great Depression English III

The Great Depression began in October 29 1929, when the stock market crashed in the United States. People lost a lot of their money and many lost everything. The crash of the stock market is called today as Black Thursday. This was the longest and worst period of industeral work, unemployment, and even suicides in the history of United State's times. Banks, stores, and factories were closed and left many Americans jobless, homeless, and very poor. Many people came to depend on the government to provide them with needs to live.

Roosevelt's program was called the New Deal. It signified a new relationship between the American people and their government. This new relationship included the creation of several new federal agencies, called alphabet agencies because of their use of acronyms. A few of the more significant of these New Deal programs was the Civilian Conservation Corps that gave jobs to unemployed and to improve the economy, the Works Progress Administration gave jobs to the unemployed also, and the National Recovery Administration drew up rule to help revive the industry. The Social Security System was formed later on, unemployment insurance, more agencies, and programs were designed to help during times of hardship. Under President Roosevelt the federal government took on welfare of the people. The new relationship in the New Deal was between the people and the government.

FDR helped America though the Great Depression and was a hero to most. He has rescued banks, regulated businesses, and helped farmers. Finally the economy recovered and took place over the war of the early 1940s, with levels of poverty and unemployment was returning to normal. The moral of the people soon began to go up and lived like they did before.

Derek Zilgme Dust Bowl English III

The Dust Bowl was a horrific event that has happened during The Great Depression. This event had more people leaving America then coming to this country. Farmers began to move to the Soviet Union to live. The cause of the Dust Bowl is from a drought that hit in the Southern Plains which caused the crops to die and dust to begin. It caused a black cloud of dust to move around everywhere, causing animals to die, and getting inside their houses.

The Dust Bowl happend during the month of May in 1935. It was a storm known as Black Sunday, it had created winds up to 60 mph and left many farms ruined. President Roosevelt's New Deal tried to help the pains of the farmers. The storms brought a drought and the problems of the farmers got worst. With farms in awful conditions, farmers in the Dust Bowl found farming a very hard task. The area of the Dust Bowl was a region of many dust storms during most of the 1930s. It made farmers not to farm their land to get prices back up. The drought, along with the dust storms, were major reasons for poor farming in the Great Plains during the early to mid-1930s. The heat began to rise during the summer of 1936, with days that have reached above 120F. The Oklahoma Panhandle was hit for twenty two days iin a row of dust storms which created gusts everywhere. In 1934, 350 million tons of soil was lost in just one storm. With the drought many fields were not in the state to grow crops. By 1938 there was mixture of snow and dirt that reached blizzards which were call snusters. These storms caused a great amount of destruction to the farms and to the farmers. By the end of 1936 rain started to fall once again, but the droughts returned and forced farmers to leave their homes and move west. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration was formed to help out during this crisis for the farmers in their time of need.

The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl were terrifying events to live through. These events were both combined and ruined lives for people. “The Dust Bowl taught farmers new farming methods and techniques. The 1930’s fostered a whole new era of soil conservation. Perhaps the most valuable lesson learned from the Dust Bowl-take care of land." (Gale)

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