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Other Innovations

  1. Web-based waste and recycling data collection tool

Return is a new web-based waste and recycling data collection tool that has been designed to assist local governments to manage their waste data. It allows waste managers to measure collection and recycling details through a single web interface. The tool records waste data from all household, commercial and industrial sources and contracts. The software offers benefits such as capturing invoice details and weighbridge return data and relating it to vehicle routes, recycling schemes as well as comparing recycling and landfill data. These reports allow users to understand how routes perform and record the impact of recycling schemes on recycling performance.186
        1. Reusable Containers

In the UK, supermarkets are trialling reusable packaging programs where shoppers can buy some products in reusable pouches that can be refilled up to 10 times at no extra cost. Reduced costs, greenhouse emissions and waste and increased customer loyalty are seen as the main benefits. Similar trials are expected in the home improvement sector where a trial is being conducted that encourages tradespeople to return empty paint containers in-store for cleaning and refill.187

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