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Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Companies and organisations that are otherwise involved in different fields are partnering to explore opportunities in the waste industry.

As examples, in the US, Valero Energy Corp is investing in Terrabon, a waste to energy company that is testing technology that will produce liquid fuel from waste and biomass. Valero’s funds will be used to accelerate the commercial roll-out of Terrabon’s alcohol from waste technology. This ties in with Valero’s purchase of seven VeraSun Energy plants to make it the US’s largest ethanol owner.179

In another case, the World’s largest waste company, Waste Management Inc, has partnered with InEnTec to develop and operate a plasma gasification plant using InEnTec’s Plasma Enhanced Melter technology. The plant will process waste from commercial and industrial sources to produce renewable energy.180

Three major manufacturers of electronic goods, Sharp, Panasonic and Toshiba, have established a company called MRM in the US to manage electronic waste recycling and collection programs. The service is available to other electronics manufacturers as well as state and local governments.181

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