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Computer manufacturer Dell has launched a program in the US that encourages people to return old computers to any Goodwill charity store. Items in decent shape are resold in store. Devices in need of repair are either refurbished or broken down to salvage as scrap and recycled by Dell partners. Dell also operates an online exchange tool that allow consumers to calculate the trade-in value of used electronics regardless of the brand. When traded in Dell sends gift cards to that value.174
      1. Government Grants

Apart from direct or indirect regular, governments can also influence the direction of waste policy by distribution of funding.

Michigan State University received state and foundation grants of more than $3 million create affordable waste to energy systems for small and medium-sized farms by developing technology that will convert animal waste into heat, electricity and other commodities.175

With most plastic collected in Scotland currently being sent to Asia for processing, the Scottish Government has made available £5 million in grant funding to ensure the development of new plastics recycling facilities. Funding from a grant can cover up to 30% of the total investment required for a plant and is operated through the Scottish arm of the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).176

WRAP in Scotland has also launched capital grant program to increase the recovery of the non-inert fractions (timber, plastics, packaging and soils) of construction and demolition waste in Scotland. The aim is to help recycling companies develop capacity for these materials.177

The European Union also makes grant finding available. One of its initiatives is the LIFE program, which funds demonstration projects that develop and test innovative solutions to environmental problems. The aim is that it will fit between research and development and large scale applications. Project areas to have received funding included; waste collection, recycling, reuse and recovery, hazardous waste, municipal waste, packaging and plastic, agricultural waste, electronics and end-of-life vehicles.178

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