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Chemical extraction – The extraction of CCA compounds using a bioxalate solution has been tested in Japan and shows that after six hours of treatment, 90% of the chromium, copper and arsenic could be removed;112

  • Plasma Arc - Plasma arc technology is described in more detail section 4.7. This technology can be applied to treated wood waste however, the main issue of concern for this and other thermal technologies is how to deal with contaminants (heavy metals and other substances);

  • Pyrolysis - Pyrolysis of CCA timber on a semi-industrial scale in France has produced a charcoal product that can be directly re-used and reduces the heavy metals and other minerals in the feed by 99.9%. This French technology can apparently process wood waste regardless of the toxicity level without the need for sorting; 113,114

  • Burning with other fuels – This mainly involves forming briquettes with other materials for combustion. The main issue here is how to adequately deal with contaminants in flue gases;115 and

  • Electrodialytic remediation - Electrodialytic remediation uses a direct electric current to accelerate the diffusion of metals, combined with the use of ion exchange membranes to separate the electrolytes from wood chips. A two cubic-metre pilot plant has been trialled in Denmark.116

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