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Application of Guiding Principles tor Waste Management

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Application of Guiding Principles tor Waste Management

Under the Guiding Principles, net community benefit as measured by the performance categories does not necessarily correlate to a comprehensive interpretation of ESD principles to Waste Management. The guiding principles, as well as playing a determining role in the development of the assessment framework, also provide assistance in determining the gaps associated with this approach if waste decision making is to truly fulfil the goal of delivering on sustainability outcomes.

The application of ESD principles for waste management examined by Moore & Tu (1995), provides concrete expansion of the Guiding Principles, not otherwise provided in this report. Each of five major ESD principles; namely, intergenerational equity, intragenerational equity, biodiversity, the precautionary principle and global issues, are dealt with in turn (refer Moore, 1995 for more detailed treatment) and from this, the limitations of this Strategic Framework may be examined.

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