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Guiding principles

Guiding principles for waste, in accordance with a preferred hierarchy of waste management, have existed in Australia since the early 1980s. They have been refined since this time, for hazardous waste (Moore, 1995) and waste generally (Moore & Tu, 1995) to incorporate basic aims of waste management and ESD principles.

The guiding principles adopted for this strategic framework to assess waste management technologies and management options are broad and offer a pathway for determining the acceptability of waste management options in terms of, firstly, sound waste management and then secondly for optimising waste management solutions in terms of the Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) categories of social, environmental and economic performance. Within the ESD context, additional guiding principles relate to waste innovation and give regard to the need for an integrated approach to waste solutions based on material types and treatment alternatives as well as acknowledging the role of the market in securing solutions. The target of ‘doing more with less’ through a dematerialised economy is held up as a guiding principle to offer a visionary pathway for waste management that is compatible with the growth objectives of government.

The Guiding Principles for options under consideration include:

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