Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Waste Technology and Innovation Study

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Innovation Framework

Waste management innovation theory (van Berkel, 2005) can be used to develop a platform for consideration of waste management options that is structured and thereby offers guidance for the consideration of technology and innovation choices, in a way that is as comprehensive as possible. The innovation platform considers that technologies can be classified in to three streams:

  1. Near term innovation of operations (technologies that can improve eco-efficiency of existing industry);

  2. Medium term innovation of design (technologies that drive and guide the development of new businesses using eco-efficiency targets and tools); and

  3. Future technology innovation (application of novel technologies for new outcomes).

The scoping of innovation options in this way will give some balance and perspective to the range of possible technology options.

Issues of governance, as well as a review of opportunities and barriers, are considered in this study from both a strategic and practical perspective.

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