Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Waste Technology and Innovation Study

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Overview of Approach to Study

This study gives both strategic and practical consideration to the issues of technology and innovation in waste management. A wide spectrum of conceivable technology options is considered, and those which are ‘incremental’ to existing practices are differentiated from those that would be ‘transformative’ of the way materials are currently managed in Australia.

In undertaking the study, two main tasks have been completed. They are:

  • identifying international trends in waste management policy ,and product and technology innovations that are applicable to Australian conditions; and

  • documenting the influence of governance structures and regulatory situations in other countries which have resulted in transformative changes, and experiences in technology uptake and performance in various parts of the world.

Importantly, in seeking to align the assessment of future technology and innovation options with the new National Waste Policy, the role of technology in delivering on the guiding objectives of improving the environmental, social and economic benefits of waste practices are assessed. Performance measures used by state agencies in their waste strategies, such as waste diverted from landfill, favour particular technologies over others, but local barriers such as distances to markets and local value adding of recovered materials are taken into account.

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