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Shoppers can choose to reuse (2009) WME 13 July -

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Shoppers can choose to reuse (2009) WME 13 July -

Sims Recycling Solutions -

Sohi, Saran; Lopez-Capel, Elisa; Krull, Evelyn and Bol, Roland (2008) Biochar, climate change and soil: A review to guide future research CSIRO Land and Water Science Report 05/09, 64 pp

Solid Waste Conversion; IWM-C0172

South Australia Department of Industry and EPA (2001) Full Economic Assessment of Alternative Treatment Technologies

Spatari, S., Bertram, M., Gordon. K. and Graedel T.E., (2005) Twentieth Century Copper Stacks and Flows in North America: A dynamic Analysis The International Journal of Ecological Economics 54 p 37

Startech Environmental Corp -

Stengler, Ella (2009) WTE and the law - Keeping track of WTE legislation Waste Management World -

Styrofoam converted into biodegradable plastic (2006) Sustainability Matters -

Sydney Olympic Park Authority -

Tandus -

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) -

Teijin -

TerraNova Wins Award for Crushed Glass Projects Terra Nova -

Textile recycling information sheet - Waste Online -

The Canadian Government Launches Vehicle Scrapping Program (2008) Recycling Magazine Number 17 -

The Engitec Cx Process For The Complete Recycling Of Lead-Acid Batteries -

The Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Centre -

The Integrated Cx System From Scrap Acid Batteries To Soft Lead And Lead Alloys Engitec Technologies -

Thermya -

Tighter control on risk assessment (2008) Waste Management World 28 November -

Titus Services -

To closed material cycles for concrete and masonry construction -

Toxco -

Turning Waste into Ethanol (2008) Science Daily August 14 -

Tyre Crumb Australia -

US EPA redefines waste to encourage recycling (2008) Waste Management World 8 October -

US EPA to check shredded tyres safety (2000) WME Friday, 19 June -

USEPA (2006), Solid Waste Management And Greenhouse Gases A Life-Cycle Assessment of Emissions and Sinks

Valorga -

Veolia -

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Products – A survey of the contents of materials and hazardous substances in electric and electronic products (1995) TemaNord p 554 Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen

WasteGen UK -

Western Australian Municipal Association (2001) Development of a Decision Support Model for Waste Treatment Technologies

WM and InEnTec announce joint venture (2009) Waste Management World 24 June -

Wolfram Scharnhorst (2005) Life Cycle Assessment of Mobile Telephone Networks, With Focus On The End-Of-Life Phase Thèse 3443 Uppsala University

Wrap Capital Grant Program Recycles Construction Waste (2008) Recycling Magazine No 22 -

Xiu, Fu-Rong and Zhang, Fu-Shen (2009) Recovery of copper and lead from waste printed circuit boards by supercritical water oxidation combined with electrokinetic process Journal of Hazardous Materials

165 (1-3) pp 1002-1007

Zero Waste South Australia (2007) Benefits of Recycling – An Environmental Cost Benefit Assessment of Integrated Waste Management

Zero Waste South Australia (2008) Benefits of Recycling including Composted Organics

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