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TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-4

Contents (continued)

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Chapter 5
Operational Architecture
Army Space Operations Operational Architecture.
5-1 62
High-Level Concept Graphics–Shaping and Entry Operations 5-2 63
High-Level Concept Graphic- Decisive Operations
5-3 64
Chapter 6
DOTMLPF Integrated Questions List Introduction 6-1 66 Doctrine 6-2 66 Organization 6-3 67 Training 6-4 68 Materiel 6-5 68 Leadership and Education
6-6 60 Personnel 6-7 70 Facilities 6-8 70
Chapter 7
Hypothesis Testing- War-gaming and Experimentation Study Questions Introduction 7-1 71 Experimentation 7-2 71 Models and Simulations (MS)
7-3 72 Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E)
7-4 72
Wargaming 7-5 73 Past and Future Experimentation and Wargames
7-6 73 Study Questions
7-7 73
Chapter 8
Alternative CCP Introduction 8-1 74 Future CCP and JCIDS Efforts
8-2 74
Appendix Ab bReferencesb
Appendix B.
Master Roll Up Consolidated Listing of Derived Space

Enabled Capabilities
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TRADOC Pam 525-7-4
Chapter 1

1-1. Purpose. The Purpose of this Concept Capability Plan (CCP) is to identify required space- enabled capabilities based on a detailed analysis of the nine Army concepts. a. The identification of these capabilities will provide a coherent way ahead for the further examination of potential DOTMLPF solutions. These potential solutions will enable Army operations at all echelons across the spectrum of conflict. Army space operations are not the exclusive domain of the Army Space and Missile Defense Command or any single branch or functional proponent. The space domain, and the systems and enablers using this domain, is central to achieving the future Modular Force envisioned in the joint and Army concepts. b. This CCP provides for the integration of Army space operations for the future Modular Force and will result in an Army space operations focused CBA involving many different proponents. The CCP presents technical and nontechnical capabilities, used by a wide range of proponents, that enable the effective application of space-based assets and capabilities in an interdependent, joint, and multinational environment. It describes how Army forces integrate the power of national, civil, and commercial space-based assets. c. The plan discusses the application of existing and emerging joint and Army thought and identifies capabilities required for the optimum use of the space domain in support of future Modular Force operations. The Army space operations CBA will identify DOTMLPF solutions or solution sets for Army space operations capability gaps in the 2015–2024 timeframe. Experiments, tests and exercises are needed to mitigate the risk inherent in developing and fielding these ideas. d. Finally, this plan will serve as a dynamic living document and replaces TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-14 Concept for Space Operations in Support of the Future Force, 11 April 2003.

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