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TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-4

Executive Summary
The future Modular Force battlefield extends vertically into the region of space and this concept capability plan (CCP) concentrates on the growing importance and dependence of Army operations on space-based systems and space-enabled functions, processes and information. The Army Space Operations CCP is intended to focus the Army’s efforts to exploit the ultimate high ground of space and describe the required space-enabled capabilities needed to realize the objectives of our joint and Army concepts. The CCP presents capabilities that enable the effective application of space-based assets and capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict in an interdependent, joint, and multinational environment. It describes how Army forces integrate the power of national, civil, and commercial space-based assets. The CCP is not an end unto itself but rather the foundation for change and will likely result in one or more capability based assessment. The reference timeframe for this CCP is 2015–2024. US. space operations are inherently joint and interagency in nature. The CCP recognizes the fact that joint interdependence is essential for the conduct of all Army space operations. This interdependence and complexity extends beyond the traditional Department of Defense (DOD) capabilities to include national agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and others. It is critical that the subject matter expertise, roles and unique capabilities each Service and agency provides be leveraged in the conduct of future Modular Force operations. The CCP is designed to achieve four imperatives
• Facilitate the integration of space capabilities across the full spectrum of Army and joint operations.
• Improve the Army’s ability to exploit existing space capabilities.
• Deliver space capabilities that address Army needs (capability requirements) and priorities by influencing the design of space-based systems and payloads.
• Systematically and deliberately evolve Army space support operations overtime to provide dedicated, responsive theater focused support to operational and tactical commanders. Central to achieving these imperatives, the concept describes the need fora layered infrastructure involving specific space enablers at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. This infrastructure consists of facilities, personnel, organizations and equipment that extend space- based enablers to the last tactical mile Using an operational level vignette, and the Army capstone concept’s seven key operational ideas (shape and entry operations, operational maneuver from strategic distances, intratheater operational maneuver, decisive maneuver, concurrently and subsequent stability operations, distributed support, and network-enabled battle command) the CCP illustrates the integration and contribution of space-enabled capabilities in a future Modular Force operational setting. The Army Space Operations CCP draws its key ideas and required capability statements directly from the text of the joint and Army concepts. The CCP refines these broad capability statements ii Downloaded from

TRADOC Pam 525-7-4 into space-enabled capability statements and provides a detailed description of the capabilities required by the future Modular Force. Additionally, the CCP identifies the space-based or supporting infrastructure in the current, mid- and far-terms. Although many of these capabilities are yet to be realized, they represent the bridge between the current modular force and the future Modular Force. This listing of required capabilities should be interpreted as optimum capabilities for the 2015-2024 timeframe. As the Army moves forward in its transformation, and achieves future Modular Force qualities, we must, in all our mission areas, recognize that our concepts and concept capability plans are the basis for the development of future Modular Force capabilities. The holistic approach of this
CCP should support any number of future capability based assessments. The power and capabilities we generate from and within space are integral components of the future Modular Forces success. iii Downloaded from

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