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Figure 2-4. Operational Maneuver from Strategic Distances

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TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-4

Figure 2-4. Operational Maneuver from Strategic Distances
integration of all required space enablers to obtain early warning and cue air and missile defense systems as the JOA expands. CJFLCC establishes entry points, secures critical infrastructure, and conducts military operations in support of A-Land forces against B-Land conventional forces as well as paramilitary, insurgents and transnational terrorists. Two divisions prepare for
Intratheater operational maneuver. JSOTF continues to conduct reconnaissance and cooperative training with coalition military partners. Endstate for the operational maneuver from strategic distance operations
• CJFMCC established maritime superiority and SPOD fully operational.
• CJTF Forward operational in fixed facilities.
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TRADOC Pam 525-7-4
• FCS BCT deployment complete, oilfields and production facilities secure, conducting coordinated operations with A-Land forces.
• CJFLCC (Army corps (-)) entry points established, combat forces in theater, continues to secure critical infrastructure, conducting initial combat operations in support of A-
Land forces and combating unconventional forces in area of responsibility.
• CJFACC air operations center and air expeditionary force operational in D-Land, strategic lift 70 percent complete, maintains air superiority, conducting air operations in support of JFC objectives.
• JSOTF forces ICW coalition partner continues reconnaissance and counterinsurgency operations.
(2) The space-based systems and operations initiated during the shaping and early entry operations continue to support operational maneuver from strategic distances. Key space-based systems and space operations that enable operational maneuver from strategic distances include
• Operationally responsive space assets are on orbit and able to provide dedicated support to deploying forces. This expanded set of capabilities results in the reprioritization, allocation, planning, integration and operation of the strategic NTM and operationally responsive space assets supporting the joint forces. The strategic and operational layers of space support expand to support the additional requirements of the deploying forces.
• BLOS satellite communications relays support deployment, enroute mission planning and rehearsal, and battle command on the move.
Enhanced position, velocity, timing and navigation capabilities aid strategic deployment operations and SOF operations. Precise position, velocity, timing and navigation data enables deploying force mission accomplishment with the accuracy and precision required.
• Terrestrial and space-based systems supporting combat identification (CID, joint blue force situational awareness (JBFSA) and BFT are integrated into the GIG. Tracking and identification systems to support key coalition units are coordinated and activated.
• Direct tasking and down-link of space-based ISR focuses on entry and initial operations areas.
• Dissemination of space-enabled missile warning is tailored to the needs of the expanding force.
• Deployment of tactically responsive, high altitude long endurance systems to support future tactical operations—tactical layer—is initiated. Purpose is to establish a dedicated, persistent layer of communications and ISR support for subsequent Intratheater movement and decisive operations.
• A combination of space and high altitude long-loiter radars provide an integrated air picture to the ABCS and emerging battle command systems, that will assist in airspace management and strike operations (de-confliction of fires.
• Space control operations focus on support for entry and initial operations areas in order to deny or disrupt the enemy’s use of available space-based systems for command, control, and communications (C) and ISR.
• Space operations officers at each echelon continue the planning and integration of space support operations in support of the land forces.
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TRADOC Pam 525-7-4 f. Intratheater Operational Maneuver. The future Modular Force executes intratheater operational maneuver to extend the reach of the joint force enabling the JFC to respond to uncertainty, isolate portions of the battlefield, exploit success, and accomplish key campaign objectives. Intratheater operational maneuver can secure positions of advantage to destroy key capabilities and forces, extend tactical reach, achieve surprise, accelerate the advance of the overall force, and block enemy forces (see Figure 2-5).

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