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TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-4

TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-4
The United States Army’s
Concept Capability Plan
2015 - 2024
Version 1.0
15 November 2006
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The United States Army Space Operations Concept Capability Plan

From the Director
U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center

Emerging joint and Army concepts highlight the fact that the future Modular Force battlefield now extends vertically into space. Additionally, the complexity of joint and combined arms operations described in our joint and Army concepts place high demands on future Modular Force commanders and organizations. The global explosion in military and commercial space- based information technologies present an opportunity to integrate space throughout the force enabling the type of warfare envisioned in our future Force concepts. Within this context the Army has a responsibility to influence and shape the design and development of the space related requirements of the future Modular Force. The US. Army Space Operations Concept Capability Plan (CCP) identifies the space-enabled capabilities required to execute Army operations in the 2015 - 2024 timeframe. The CCP describes how Army forces leverage the power of national, civil and commercial space-based assets on the future battlefield. The capabilities identified in this CCP provide a coherent way ahead for the further examination of potential doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF) solutions. As such, this CCP will serve as a start point fora comprehensive capabilities based assessment involving many different proponents. In examining Army's future space-enabled capabilities, the CCP describes the environment of space, the emerging threat from our adversaries use of space for hostile purposes, and the joint interdependence of all space operations. The CCP describes how the Army will evolve from a position of simply exploiting strategic space-based capabilities to a position where the Army is fully integrated into the planning, execution, and use of theater focused operational and tactical space applications. The realization of these capabilities is essential to achieving the Army's Capstone Concept objective of becoming a strategically responsive, campaign quality force. As with all concepts, concept capability plans are in continuous evolution. This CCP will be refined and updated as new learning emerges from research, joint and Army wargaming, experimentation and combat development. Many of the space-enabled capability requirements introduced in this CCP will be further developed in other proponent capability documents. Because this CCP crosses so many joint and Army functional areas, I strongly encourage its use in our interaction with other proponents, Services and joint organizations. Lieutenant General, US. Army Director, Army Capabilities Integration Center i Downloaded from

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