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The Stalin Period
a.) General

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élite 1928-1939', Slavic Review,

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Dictatorship: The Politburo 1924-1953

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Culture and the Formation of Modern Russian National Identity 1931-56

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b.) Collectivisation and Industrialisation

Viola, L. Peasant Rebels under Stalin

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Movement?’, Europe-Asia Studies vol. 51 No. 2 March 1999, pp.299-314

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Soviet First Five Year Plan

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Revolution from Above

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Stalin’s Russia

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Archives (1997 Lib of Congress)

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c.) 1930s Politics and the Purges

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(a reader)

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Rosenfeldt, N. other articles in the debate - see crisis references in this article)

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Soviet Agriculture, 1931-33

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La Police Politique en Union Soviètique 1918-53 Special

issue of Cahiers du Monde Russe 42 (2-4)includes several

important articles in English by Nick Baron, James

Harris, David Nordlander et al. (accessible at or Google journal title)

New Fabian Research Bureau Twelve Studies in Soviet Russia

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d.)World War II

Overy, Richard Russia’s War

Glantz, D. & When Titans Clashed: How the

House, J. Red Army Stopped Hitler

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Production, Employment and the

Defence Burden

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Post-war period

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Everyday’ life, identity and the self in Soviet Russia
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C Political Theory
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Daniels, Robert V. The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia
C. Read July 2010
History of Russia since 1881

Suggested Short Essay Titles


1. How helpful is the term ‘backwardness’ in analysing late-nineteenth-century Russia?
2. Why did so many intellectuals in late-nineteenth-century Russia join revolutionary movements?
3. Were peasants becoming richer or poorer between 1881 and 1900?
4. ‘With respect to industrialisation, Russia faced not only obstacles, but possessed significant advantages.’ Discuss this comment on the period from 1881 to 1900.
5. Assess the effect of the October Manifesto in the 1905 revolution.
6. To what extent were Russian workers motivated by revolutionary impulses in the early twentieth century?
7. To what extent could Stolypin be said to have undermined the autocracy rather than consolidated it?
8. How successful was the autocracy in re-establishing its authority between 1905 and 1914?
9. How far was Russia responsible for the outbreak of the First World War?


1. Assess the role of the moderate socialist parties (S.R.s and Mensheviks) in the revolution of 1917?
2. To what extent did workers and peasants share similar political and social aspirations in 1917?
3. ‘The real struggle in the period from 1918 to 1921 was between the Bolsheviks and the popular movement rather than between the Bolsheviks and the Whites.’ Discuss.
4. ‘The revolts of 1920 and 1921 show that Lenin’s government was deeply unpopular’. Discuss.
5. ‘Lenin expected to establish democracy in Russia after the October revolution. Instead, circumstances drove him to establish a dictatorship.’ Discuss.
6. To what extent could the 1920s be considered the ‘golden age’ of Soviet Russia?

  1. Assess the role of either Trotsky or Bukharin in Soviet politics up to 1929.

2. How far did Stalin maintain control over the ‘Second Revolution’ of 1928-32?

3. How far were Stalin’s internal policies from 1928 to 1938 inspired by revolutionary ideals?
4. Assess the impact of the Great Terror of 1936-8.
5. ‘Soviet victory over Nazi Germany owes more to the efforts of the Russian people than to those of their government.’ Discuss.
6. ‘The onset of the Cold War took Stalin by surprise.’ Discuss.
7. ‘One need only look closely at inter-allied relations during the war to see that the subsequent onset of cold war was practically inevitable.’ Discuss.


1. Assess Khrushchev’s credentials as a reformer of the Soviet system.
2. To what extent could the Brezhnev regime be said to have destalinised without noticing?
3.To what extent did the policies of the Brezhnev era begin the process of collapse in the Soviet Union?
4. Assess the view that Gorbachev was swept away by events he had unwittingly unleashed.
5. ‘A powerful wrecker but a weak constructor.’ Assess this view of Yeltsin’s role in national politics?
6. Who should be more favourably remembered, Gorbachev or Yeltsin?
7. What, if anything, has the Russian population gained from the collapse of communism?

  1. Why has the Chechen problem become so intractable?

10. Does Putin have any policies for the reconstruction of Russia?

Alternative titles available on request.


July 2010


Documents for Seminars 2 to 11

Seminar 2 1905 49

Seminar 3 The 1917 revolution 50

Seminar 4 NEP 53

Seminar 5 The Great Turn 60

Seminar 6 The Purges 77

Seminar 7 World War 2 89

Seminar 8 Cold War 108

Seminar 9 De-Stalinization 115

Seminar 10 Gorbachev and After 121

Seminar 11 The Break-up of USSR 126

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