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Standard histories and reference

Perrie, M (ed) Cambridge History of Russia

Hosking, G. Russia:People and Empire 1552-1917

Hosking, G. Russia and the Russians: A History from Earliest Times to 2001

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Social and economic history

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Black, C. Aspects of Social Change since 1861 The Transformation of Russian Society

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Peasant Emancipation of 1861

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Russia: Gentry & Government

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and Change

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Peasant Revolution

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Peter the Great to Stalin

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an historical perspective

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Legal Labour

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Modernisation in Late Nineteenth-

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(Riasanovsky's comments on the above article which are published in the same issue should also be taken into account).

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Russia in D. Geary Labour and

Socialist Movements in Europe

before 1914

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The Revolutionary Movement and the Intelligentsia
Walicki, A. A History of Russian Thought from

the Enlightenment to Marxism

Walicki, A. The Slavophile Controversy

Acton, E. Alexander Herzen and the Role of

the Intellectual Revolutionary

Copleston, F. Philosophy in Russia

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Movement in the 1880s.

Billington, J. Mikhailovsky and Russian Populism

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Ascher, A. Pavel Axelrod and the Origins of


Avrich, P. The Russian Anarchists

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Baron, S.H. Plekhanov: the Father of Russian


Berdiaev, N. The Origins of Russian Communism

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Origins of Bolshevism

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Study of Legal Marxism in Russia

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Russia: Legal Marxism and Legal


Broido, V. Apostles into Terrorists

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Pipes, R. Struve: Liberal on the Left 1870-


Pipes, R. Struve: Liberal on the Right

Pipes, R. Social Democracy and the

St. Petersburg Labour Movement


Radkey, O.H. Agrarian Foes of Bolshevism

(on the Socialist-revolutionary


Schapiro, L.B. The Communist Party on the Soviet

Union (early chapters)

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Nationalism and the Russian Jews


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Russian Intelligentsia 1900-1912

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twentieth-century Russia'

Renaissance and Modern Studies,

vol XXIV, 1980

Harding, N. Marxism in Russia: a documentary


Engel, B. Five Sisters Women against the Tsar

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the Decembrists to the Dissidents

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**Morrissey, S.K. Heralds of Revolution. Russian Students and the Mythologies of Radicalism (New York: Oxford University Press,1998).
B4 The 1905 Revolution
(Relevant sections of books mentioned above contain much useful information on this period)

Heywood, A & Smele, J (eds) The Russian Revolution of

1905: Centenary Perspectives

Verner, A. The Crisis of the Russian


Ascher, The Revolution of 1905 2vols

Engelstein, L. Moscow 1905

Trotsky, L. 1905

Harcave, S. First Blood

Mehlinger, H.D. & Count Witte and the Tsarist

Thompson, J.M. Government in the 1905 Revolution

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1905-07: its social composition and revolutionary significance', Past and Present, no. 57, Nov 1972

Wolfe, E.R. Peasant Wars of the Twentieth


Schneiderman, J. Sergei Zubatov and Revolutionary

Marxism: the Struggle for the

Working Class in Tsarist Russia

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Gapon and the St. Petersburg

Massacre of 1905

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Baltic Provinces and in Finland'

Slavic Review vol 43, no. 3,

pp 450-467

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vol. I & II

Seregny, S.J. 'A different type of peasant movement: the Peasant Union in the Russian Revolution of 1905', Slavic Review, vol 47, No. 1, pp.51-67
B5 Political History from 1905 to 1917

Hosking, G. The Russian Constitutional


Levin, A. The Second Duma

Emmons, T. The Formation of Political Parties and the First National Elections in Russia

Pearson, R. Russian Moderates and the Crisis of Tsarism

Perrie, M. The Agrarian Policy of the Russian S.R. Party 1905-1907

Haimson, L. (ed) The Politics of Rural Russia 1905-1914

Haimson, L. Russia’s Revolutionary Experience, 1905-17:two essays

Levin, A. The Third Duma: elections and


Gatrell P. Government, Industry and Rearmament in Russia: 1900-1914

L.Siegelbaum The Politics of Industrial Mobilization in Russia 1914-1917

Seregny, Scott ‘A Wager on the Peasantry: Anti-Zemstvo Riots, Adult Education and the Russian Village During World War One: Stavropol’ Province’ Slavonic and East European Review vol.79 no.1 Jan 2001 pp.90-126

Gatrell Peter A Whole Empire Walking: Refugees in Russia during World War I

Gatrell, Peter Russia’s First World War: a Social and Economic History

B6 The Autocracy
Waldron, Peter Governing Tsarist Russia

McNeal, R Tsar and Cossack 1855-1914

Zaionchkovsky, P. The Russian Autocracy under

Alexander III (on order)

Byrnes, R.F. Pobedonostsev: his Life and Thought

Raeff, M. (ed) Plans for Political Reform in

Russia 1730-1905

Pobedonostsev, K.P. Reflections of a Russian Statesman

Smith, E.E. The Okhrana (political police in

the late Tsarist period)

Walkin, J The Rise of Democracy in Pre-

Revolutionary Russia

Witte, S. The Memoirs of Count Witte

von Laue, T.H. Sergei Witte and the

Industrialisation of Russia

Nichols, R.L. & Russian Orthodoxy under the Old

Stavrou, T.G. Régime

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Provinces and Finland 1855-1914

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Alapuro, R. State and Revolution in Finland

Mosse, W. Perestroika under the Tsars

Waldron, P. Between the Two Revolutions:

Stolypin and the Politics of Renewal in Russia

General Histories and Reference Books

Read, Christopher The Making and Breaking of the Soviet System: An Interpretation

Suny, R The Soviet Experiment:Russia, the USSR and the Successor States

Kenez, P A History of the Soviet Union

from the Beginning to the End

Service, R. A History of Twentieth Century


Hosking, G. A History of the Soviet Union

Riasanovsky, N. A History of Russia

Acton, Edward and Stableford, Tom The Soviet Union: a

Documentary History (2 vols

Exeter 2005 and 2007)

Daniels, R.V. A Documentary history of Communism (2 vols)

Fainsod, M. & How Russia is Ruled

Hough, J.

Nove, A. An Economic History of the U.S.S.R.

Schapiro, L. The Communist Party of the Soviet


Schulz, Urban, Lebed Who was who in the USSR


Sorlin, P. The Soviet People and their Society

Lane, D. Politics and Society in the U.S.S.R

Rigby, T.H., Brown, A. Authority, Power and Policy in

& Reddaway, P. (eds) the USSR

Shukman, H. (ed) The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of the Russian Revolution

de Mowbray, S. Key Facts in Soviet History

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Fond 89: The Communist Party of the Soviet Union on Trial. (library reference - refJD 201.51.C6)

Mawdsley, E. The Soviet Elite from Lenin to


Suny, R. (ed) The Structure of Soviet History:

Essays and Documents

Evans, D & Jenkins, J. Years of Russia and the USSR 1851-1991

Lewin, M The Soviet Century

White, S New Directions in Soviet History

Hosking, Geoffrey Rulers and Victims: the Russians in the Soviet Union

The Revolutions of 1917 and the Civil War

i) Documents

McCauley, M. The Russian Revolution and the

Soviet State, 1917-21

Daniels, R.V. (ed) The Russian Revolution

Butt, V. P. (et al) The Russian Civil War:

Documents From Soviet Archives

Kowalski, R. The Russian Revolution 1917-21: a documentary reader

ii) Memoirs and Eye-Witness Accounts

Sukhanov, N.N. The Russian Revolution, 2 vols,

N.Y. 1955

Reed, J. Ten Days that shook the World

iii) Histories

**Read, Christopher War and Revolution in Russia 1914-22 (Palgrave 2013)

Read, Christopher From Tsar to Soviets
**Smith, S.A. Revolution and the People in Russia and China. A Comparative History (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008) .
Acton, E (et al. Eds) Critical Companion to the Russian Revolution

Service, R. (ed.) Society and Politics in the

Russian Revolution

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vols I-III. The Bolshevik

Revolution 1917-23

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2 vols, N.Y. 1935

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Revolution, N.Y. 1967

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1917-23 1954

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the Origins of Present-Day


Trotsky, L. History of the Russian Revolution

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Rabinowich, A. The Bolsheviks Come to Power

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Malet, M. Nestor Makhno in the Russian Civil War

Radkey, O. The Unknown Civil War: The Green

Movement in Tambov

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Rosenberg, W.G. & Russian Civil War

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From the Revolution to Stalin
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Revolution, London 1973

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Transition Period

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Russian Socialist Revolutionaries

in the early months of Soviet Rule N.Y. 1963

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Autocracy:Political Opposition in

the Soviet State 1917-22 London 1955

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Politics 1917-30 1973

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Economic Isolation

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and Lenin

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Economic Debates

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Kritika articles on Lenin by Lih (Winter 2003) and Haimson (Winter 2004)

(journal – available at

Cliff, Tony Lenin (4 vols)

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Service, R. Lenin: A Biography (2000)

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Martin, Terry Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and nationalism in the Soviet Union 1923-1939

Hirsch, Francine Empire of Nations: Ethnographic Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union

Holquist, Peter ‘Information is the Alpha and Omega of Our Work: Bolshevik Surveillance in the Pan-European Context’ Journal of Modern History 69 (1997) 415-450

Edgar A.L. Tribal Nation: the Making of Soviet Turkmenistan

Yekelchyk, S Stalin’s Empire of Memory: Russian-Ukrainian Relations in the Soviet Historical Imagination

Kappeler, A et al Culture, Nation and Identity: the Ukrainian-Russian Encounter 1600-1945

Directory: fac -> arts -> history -> students -> modules -> hi107
modules -> What was common to these revolutionary movements?
modules -> Nonviolent Resistance a global History 1830-2000
modules -> Religion and Religious Change – Historiography and Primary Sources
modules -> The European World Lecture: week 1 x. 2010) The Historiography of Early Modernity Professor Steve Hindle
modules -> The Historiography of Early Modernity Part II: Historiographical Approaches
modules -> Week 22: Postcolonialism and the Provincializing of Europe (summary)
modules -> Parliaments, Estates & Representation
modules -> Absolutism in Early Modern Europe The theory and language of absolutism
modules -> Table of Contents Module Aims 3 Syllabus
hi107 -> In the event of any conflict between the information contained below and the departmental handbooks, the departmental handbooks take precedence

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