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DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH BA INTRODUCTION The purpose of the new BA Honours course in English, under the semester system, is to provide a thorough grounding in literature written in the English language, from the earliest period to the present day. The course is not confined to literature produced in the British Isles but will also take into account the global reach of the language and the diversity and range of all its literary manifestations, especially in the postcolonial world. One important feature of the course is its cross-disciplinary character. Students will be exposed to the interface of literature with other kinds of textuality in contemporary culture and society, and to the various possible applications of disciplinary skills. The course strives to achieve a balance between compulsory—or ‘core’—components and specialised or optional areas. While students will be expected to master the fundamentals of their discipline in the core courses, they may exercise individual preferences or seek to develop applied skills in the optional courses. The syllabi for the core courses is therefore relatively fixed and determined, while the optional courses are designed to allow more flexibility to both student and teacher. Specific reading lists will be supplied to students who opt for these courses well before the beginning of the semester. Course requirements
1 At the BA level, students will have to take 12 core or compulsory courses and six optional courses. .
2 Not all the courses listed below will be offered in any single academic year. The choice of courses will depend on the convenience of teachers and the interests of students, with the provision that all major areas are covered.
3 The department may devise new courses from time to time. These will be notified to the students through a decision of the Board of Studies and in consultation with the Faculty Council.
4 At the BA level, the students also have to opt for six ‘extra-departmental’ courses, spread over the first four semesters. The breakup of courses (core, optional and extra-departmental) will be as follows


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