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Pack your bag with benefits to take home and keep

Study Tours in Victorian Government Schools are diverse and exciting. All students enjoy educational advantages that last well beyond their visit.

Interactive experiences – Hands-on excursion themes ensure

students have lots of fun and retain their learning.

Friends for life – With their own buddy from the first day, students quickly form lasting friendships.

World class education – Victoria’s engaging, innovative and

exemplary education grows life long learners.

Gain independence – New friends and learning experiences help

students grow into confident young individuals.

Safe and sound – Victorian student welfare is second to none,

offering secure, caring learning environments.

English integration – Speaking, listening and learning in English,

students rapidly extend English language skills.

Peer learning – Learning with Victorian students grows perspectives

to apply throughout their education.

An Australian family – Host families offer students an enduring

encounter with Australian culture and lifestyle.

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