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Leadership and Sports Excursion List

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Leadership and Sports Excursion List

Take Home an Experience in Leadership and Sports

Leadership in Sports

Student Leadership


Stride Foundation

A one day exploration into what it means to be a leader and the qualities of good leadership. Students learn skills like public speaking, active listening and how to brainstorm as they work together on problem-solving planning and strategy.

What is this game

called Aussie Rules?

National Sports Museum and Melbourne

Cricket Ground

A fun way to discover the excitement of Australian Rules Football and its place in Australian culture. Students actively participate in ball skills workshops and visit the National Sports Museum to explore and join interactive games to learn about the values and achievements of sporting heroes.

Students explore the super stage of one of the world’s great sporting arenas. This Melbourne Cricket Ground tour highlights the famous places that have made historic sporting moments. There may even be a chance to walk on the arena.

Victoria’s Specialist

Sports Academy

Maribyrnong College

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