Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology Syllabus for cou 804: Counseling Diverse Populations

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Eastern Kentucky University

Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology

Syllabus for COU 804: Counseling Diverse Populations

(3 credit hours), CRN #:
Instructor: Shirley Cornett, PhD, LPCC

Office: 403 Combs


Cell Phone: 505-264-0598

Hours: Thursdays 2-5 or by appointment (email to set appointment)

Office Phone: (859)622-6783


Prerequisites COU 813, COU 840,COU 846. An examination of the application of counseling methods and concepts to non majority groups. The life styles, values, customs, and attitudes of non majority populations will be explored.

This is a 100 percent web supported course. It serves as an introduction to the field of multicultural counseling. We will explore ways in which your culture forms your worldview and how this worldview may impact your engagement in the counseling process. You will learn about the cultural norms of specific groups and explore ways that counseling may have to be modified to better serve them. Students will study theories of multicultural counseling, identity development and multicultural competencies. Material will be delivered in class on blackboard (Bb) or by email and your responses to questions and tasks will require you to be proficient in using Bb and to have an EKU email address.

Anderson, S.K. & Middleton, V.A. (2005). Explorations in privilege, oppression, and

diversity. Belmont, CA: Thompson: Brooks/Cole.
Lee, C. (2006), Multicultural Issues in Counseling. AM Canel
Thomas, A.J. & Schwarzbaum, S. (2006). Culture and identity: Life stories for

counselors and therapists. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Download 131.1 Kb.

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