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Identified The Cohesive Development of a Relevant Idea(s)

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Identified The Cohesive Development of a Relevant Idea(s):

The program presented the relevant idea that: To survive in their environment, the Native Americans of the Plains worked together and used the buffalo in countless ways to create tools, stay warm, and meet their basic needs - which are the same basic needs we have today. This idea was cohesively developed in the following way: The program introduced the people of the Plains and the animal that they relied on for survival -- the buffalo. The first analogy of the buffalo as a "walking shopping mall" introduced the idea that plains tribes would get much of what they needed for their everyday survival from the buffalo. The students examined a United States map highlighting an immense area covered by the Great Plains, a place once populated by buffalo and the Plains Indians. A large stuffed buffalo was observed and many parts of the buffalo were passed around for the students to see, feel, and smell. The program drew analogies between how the Native Americans used each part of the buffalo and what we would use today. The program then explained who in the tribe was responsible for different important tasks, showing the social structure of the tribe. Next, the tipi was examined and additional comparisons were made between how the plains tribes met their basic needs and how the students meet their basic needs today. The program closed with a reiteration of the buffalo as "a walking shopping mall" analogy.

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