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Demo Lesson Aural Sources

Propaganda Party

NCSS Thematic Strand Identified:

VII Production, Distribution, and Consumption

X Civic Ideals and Practices

Ohio Standard &: Thinking and Organizing: 1. Detect bias and propaganda in primary and secondary

sources of information.2. Evaluate the credibility of sources for: a. Logical fallacies;

b. Consistency of arguments; c. Unstated assumptions; d. Bias.

Grade :9

Purpose Background and Context:

To expose students to different forms of propaganda with a specific emphasis on the propaganda used to raise money and support for soldiers during World War I.

Goals/Objectives/Outcomes/Performance Expectations:

-Students will analyze primary sources for biases

-Students will create their own source and include biases


Propaganda Posters:

Speech by a Four Minute Man

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have just received the information that there is a German spy among us—a German spy watching us.

He is around, here somewhere, reporting upon you and me—sending reports about us to Berlin and telling the Germans just what we are doing with the Liberty Loan. From every section of the country these spies have been getting reports over to Potsdam—not general reports but details—where the loan is going well and where its success seems weak, and what people are saying in each community.

For the German Government is worried about our great loan. Those Junkers fear its effect upon the Germanmorale. They’re raising a loan this month, too.

If the American people lend their billions now, one and all with a hip-hip-hurrah, it means that America is united and strong. While, if we lend our money half-heartedly, America seems weak and autocracy remains strong.

Money means everything now; it means quicker victory and therefore less bloodshed. We arein the war, and now Americans can have but one opinion, only one wish in the Liberty Loan.

Well, I hope these spies are getting their messages straight, letting Potsdam know that America ishurling back to the autocrats these answers:

For treachery here, attempted treachery in Mexico, treachery everywhere—one billion.

For murder of American women and children—one billion more.

For broken faith and promise to murder more Americans—billions and billions more.

And then we will add:

In the world fight for Liberty, our share—billions and billions and billions and endless billions.

Do not let the German spy hear and report that you are a slacker.

Committee on Public Information, Four Minute Man Bulletin, No. 17 (October 8, 1917)Four Minute-Man Speech

Audio Speech (Rockefeller):,+John+D++Jr+++John+Davison+,+1874-1960))


  1. Play a commercial from YouTube foundations (Humane Society or Send Money to Kids). Ask students how did this try to convince you to do something? What did it want you to do? Was it effective? What kind of language did they use? (10 minutes)

  2. Review the situation in Europe. What does a nation need to be successful in war? How does a government employ the idea of Total War? (10 minutes)

  3. Divide students into groups and give them various types of propaganda, posters, signs, and speeches. Students will answer the same handout they were given for the YouTube commercial. (10 minutes)

  4. Students will share their findings with the class. (10 minutes)

  5. Students will write their own persuasive speech encouraging Americans to join the war effort at home. Students must include various aspects of propaganda that they learned from the primary sources they analyzed in class. (10 until the end of class take home as necessary)

Assessment of Outcomes:

-Students will share in class.

-Students will write a speech.

Expectations and Adaptations:

Students will locate their own video of a speech on YouTube and analyze it.

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