Delegates: Lashae Hastings, Kassandra Boada, Fax Victor, Antonio Ortiz, Kieran Keegan, Giang Le Country

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Delegates: Lashae Hastings, Kassandra Boada, Fax Victor, Antonio Ortiz, Kieran Keegan, Giang Le

Country: Chechnya

Committees: Sovereignty, Economics, Human Rights, Security, Crisis in Ukraine, Terrorism, Energy
Greetings my fellow delegates, we are students from the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science representing the nation of Chechnya. Chechnya, although not always recognized, is an incredibly strong nation to date. Although given bad publicity due to terrorist attacks that have occurred in the United States and Moscow, our nation itself has no association with such acts. We are a nation that respects the international community and does not want to put any other nation in danger, instead we strive for equality and peace. We prosper for success in our nation as well as in the international community and hope that the other countries present in this committee will feel the same way. Chechnya has people that strive for success and will do anything in their will to reach it. Long live Chechnya!

  • Terrorism: The issue of terrorism would be the accusations being given to Chechnya about international terrorist attacks. Also the domestic issue of terrorist groups attack There needs to be peace and a coming together of different countries in order to help and prevent horrific terrorist actions from occurring.

  • Economics: As Chechnya, we are looking to better our economic standards. At the moment we are in rapid decline as the foundation of our economy is in oil and the prices are dropping out of the sky. We look to further our ties with the world around us.

  • Human Rights: This nation is separated amongst terrorists, strongly influenced religious groups, and a small amount of activist who care to disrupt this continuum of war between ourselves and Russia.

  • Security: Russia is our ally as well as our enemy. We as Chechnya wish to obtain our independence yet Russia's ambition for expansion has led them to engage in two wars in which the first we managed to hold them off then the second we lost. The lost signified that Russia would be the leader of our sector although significant amounts of factions opposed the leadership. We are allied in the fight with Ukraine as factions in our section have joined arms with the Russians to help the rebellion.

  • Sovereignty: The Republic of Chechnya embraces the decision that Russia makes. As such, Russia’s decision to annex Crimea, did not violate our ideals regarding sovereignty. The people of Chechnya do not agree with the decision of Russia and are currently promoting a separatist government to undermine the current government.

  • Issue on Ukraine: The Ukraine Crisis puts significant pressure and stress on Chechnya because it is an autonomous territory of Russia in a crucial location. This opens the potential door for Russia to also reclaim Chechnya into a part of Russia under it’s federal government. Chechens are currently split on which side of the conflict to support, reports show that some chechens are going into Ukraine to fight with and against Russia. After the reclaiming of Ukraine however; Russia will have ultimately complete control of the Black Sea because it does not have to share it with any of the previous Soviet Country. The International Community is urged to protest this invasion by russian government in the attempt to reclaim countries that they claim theirs.

Background on Chechnya:

Chechnya is a nation that is located in the Caucasus mountain range neighboring Georgia and is side by side with Russia. Chechnya continues to be a very vital territory for Russia, formerly the USSR. The Chechens had to wait for sixty years to escape the domination of Russia. This was then followed by the October Revolution in which Chechnya gained its independence. Despite many efforts by the Chechens to gain their independence, they slowly fell back into Russian dominance. After the fall of Stalin and the USSR, Chechnya once again attempted to gain their independence, but lost it due to the Second Chechen War against Russia. Due to this overpowerment over Chechnya, it is now a Russian state with a leader chosen by President Putin. The current president of Chechnya would be that of President Kadyrov. He is very pro- Russia and was appointed by Putin himself to his presidency, which signifies the power Russia has over Chechnya.

Chechnya currently continues to have many different problems with Russia because of the different terrorist attacks being presented in Moscow. For many years now there have been an increase of terrorist attacks in Chechnya by separatists. Currently, Chechnya is caught between the European Union and Russia, the reason being would be because they both hope to benefit from this small nation due to the key location. The small country is located right by both the Caspian and Black Sea’s. If the Russian Federation was to gain control of such a vital part of the area, it would allow them access the warm water ports that allow for them to create numerous new trade routes that were not previously available to them. Recently that has been a serious amount of rebel forces active in chechnya, forcing Russia to be more aggressive in their tactics, This has lead to serious rise is extremist views, both for Russia and other countries, which has indirectly created a large spike in terrorism in Russia and surrounding nations. Chechnya has for a very long time been forced in and out of Russias control.

Terrorism continues to be a major issue in Chechnya because of the Russian actions being taken place in the country. For this reason, the Separatists took the extreme measures of bombing Moscow, due to Russian encounters and actions taken place in Chechnya. This is why there is such a big problem and such a big emphasis in the idea of terrorism in Russia because of this reason, it is endangering neighboring countries as well as domestically endangering the civilians in the nation.

Human Rights in Chechnya has always been another major issue that has brought some attention to the nation. The fact would be that the Chechens human rights violators are the Chechen rebels fighting for the independence of Chechnya towards the Russian military officials or anyone that is Pro-Moscow. This has continuously put many different lives in danger in the nation, which is why this issue needs to be addressed immediately for the safety of the innocent civilians.

The issue with Ukraine is very important to the background of Chechnya because Russia slowly mobilizes back to Ukraine, which is literally right next to the border of Russia, symbolizes movement back to the Russian Empire. Having many previous problems with Russia, such as the Second Chechen war which led us to continue to stay under the rule of Russia. The problem here would be that Russia is slowly moving back and retaliating what it once lost. This certainly raises major concern to the Post-Soviet States because if they are attacking Ukraine for a piece of land, who knows what would happen if they take Ukraine back and continue moving on to other nations once part of the USSR.

Economics in Chechnya is very important in this era Russian Federation, has been trying to reclaim the land in Chechnya as it poses massively important trade routes, in the Caspian Sea and Black sea. Not to mention that Russia has important oil lines that run through Chechnya to Russia from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. This demonstrates that there is continuous fight over the land of Chechnya from both the Russians and the European Union for these oil lines that can bring riches to different nations.

Committee on Economics
Chechnya since the Soviet Union’s reign, has been in constant turmoil. This has taken a huge toll on the economics of the small country. The Republic of Chechnya is located on the north slope of the Caucasus Mountains within 100 kilometers of the Caspian Sea. For years, the Russian Federation, has been trying to reclaim the land in Chechnya as it poses massively important trade routes, in the Caspian Sea and Black sea. Not to mention that Russia has important oil lines that run through Chechnya to Russia from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Chechnya similar to many of the other smaller countries that surround the Russian border, would be extremely important to Russia. Chechnya is caught between the EU and Russia, both of which are only there to try and benefit themselves. The EU seems to be the best economic choice for Chechnya, as they would provide the most economic stability for a country that is no use to stability. The EU could fund the rebuilding of cities and could back banks that could then lend to the people, encouraging economic growth, so in turn they would be backing a country that would act as a clean slate, erasing the country's long history of terrorism and extremism. But if Chechnya was to move to join the Russian Federation, that would allow them to join the Russian economy. This is seemingly one of the most important ideas on the table as the Chechen government is extremely pro Russia, making this discussion extremely diluted.

At the moment the Chechen economy is heavily tied in with the Russian economy. The Russian oil pipelines are running through Chechnya at the moment, so no matter what the Chechen economy will be tied in with the Russian but should they join the Russian Federation, they will loose all control over their economy. Russia has had a terrible history with Chechnya, a history of destruction. “Following the First Chechen War with Russia, Chechnya gained de facto independence as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Russian federal control was restored during the Second Chechen War. Since then there has been a systematic reconstruction and rebuilding process, though sporadic fighting continues in the mountains and southern regions of the republic.” (“Chechnya”) This quote gives a quick description of the destruction that the Russian Federation has caused the small country. It is clear that the Russian Federation, does not care for the small country and is only looking to further advance, their own economic policies, and control more of the region.

Western sanctions have posed a massive issue with our economy. Not only have the sanctions on russia indirectly committed our economy to the drain, but the United States has directly put sanctions on our people. According to The Guardian “The trainer of the celebrated thoroughbreds Zazou and Dashing Home cannot collect prize money won in races in Germany because the horses are owned by Ramzan Kadyrov, the strongman leader of Russia’s Chechnya republic who was put on the European Union sanctions list for supporting the annexation of Crimea.” So not only has the sanctions imposed on our economic rights, they have curved our right to free speech. Forcing us to look for other ways to generate money for our country.

The global drop in oil prices has devastated our economy, as it was one of the most important parts. The amount of oil that goes through our soil and into Russia is unfathomable, it was the sole reason we had a semi-successful economy. Now the prices are dropping and the so is our economy. “Azerbaijan might render its aid to Chechen Republic in reconstructing almost the completely destroyed oil complex, as well as render assistance in some agricultural issues. Azerbaijan might render its assistance in issues connected with new up-to-date technologies.” Azerbaijan is one of our largest importers of oil, and they are willing to put their hand out and help us even though they have no reason to other than economic benefits.

According to The Guardian, Chechnya seems to be the elephant in the room when it discusses strategic partnerships with Russia. “The EU… knows that to voice its own opinion on Chechnya is not without risk. Yet it is a moral minefield that it must negotiate twice a year. That is how often EU-Russia summits take place, and the Chechen question is always on the agenda, for if the EU really wants to become a credible force on the international stage it knows it must tackle such sensitive issues.” (Osborn) Chechnya is incredibly important to the EU and Russia. No matter what stories come out of Chechnya, about Chechen rebels slaughtering out Russian soldiers, the Russian Federation, needs Chechnya, they're vital to the trade of Russia.

The EU is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. Should they work with the Republic of Chechnya, it could greatly benefit both sides, the EU would gain a territory that has permanent close ties to Russia, meaning leverage over them if they choose to do something drastic like try a hostile takeover of The Ukraine. The economic benefits that could come to both sides are immense, and it would allow for growth and expansion as well as bargaining and leverage over other nations in the areas.

Chechen: Terrorism

Unfortunately, the issue of terrorism has been alive within our nations throughout many years. The international community has faced this issue countlessly and has been battling against it trying to come to peace with these different dangerous groups. The issue of terrorism is striking every single nation as of today, and it has become more common recently. Chechnya feels very passionate about this issue because we face it every day. There are many different terrorist groups striking the world, such as Al Qaeda or in many cases in current news, ISIS. ISIS is the biggest and most known terrorist group currently and has been creating chaos. They have been disrupting global decorum for the past couple of years and therefore demonstrating that they have no restraint on their actions. This big issue is one that needs to be addressed immediately in order to contain the deadly actions being put on to different nations.

We, the Chechen Republic, have and still are dealing with the enormous issue of terrorism in both aspects, foreignly and domestically. There have been many events that have created chaos within our nation, as well as other nations. The most known case of terrorism faced by the both the international community and Chechnya would be the Boston Marathon Bombing. On April 15, 2013 the yearly marathon in Boston was scheduled in which thousands of participants from all over the world and nation join together to run the 26.3 miles all over the city. This was interrupted when two bombs went off during the marathon killing three people and over two-hundred people injured. This is when the name of terrorism for Chechnya was fully recognized despite the domestic terrorism we still continue to face in our nation. In our nation, we have the terrorist group of ISIS, whom have been attacking not only Chechnya and Russia, but also many other nations in the Middle East. Isis has been increasing in size significantly and therefore creating a lot of chaos for the Eastern part of the world. Chechnya wants to create peace in our nation as well as many other nations, but ISIS as well as many other terrorist groups such as the separatists have been holding us back from doing that. According to the Council of Foreign Relations, they state that “ Since 2008, however, violence has markedly increased in the North Caucasus, according to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Incidents of violence rose from 795 in 2008 to 1,100 in 2009, and suicide bombings quadrupled in 2009, the majority of which occurred in Chechnya” (Council of Foreign Relations). There being such an increase in violence in Chechnya demonstrates the importance of why terrorism needs to be addressed immediately. Many different civilians are currently suffering tremendously with the thought of life or death in their minds every second. This is why we are present here today among all of you to ask for your cooperation as well as help to end such horrible actions to take place in our beloved nation. The big problem that we currently face would be that of the Separatists, who are the group of people that are a causing the majority of the chaos occurring in our nation. They especially have a big problem and want to attack Russia, who continuously tries to interfere with our nation. For this reason, the United Nations condemned Russia from entering Chechnya, and although President K.

Chechnya believes that there should be more international help towards the cause of terrorism because of the detrimental causes it has been creating. Whether it be in the United States or in Chechnya itself, there has to be a movement for terrorism in order to completely stop it. The United Nations has always tried to find possible solutions for the fight against terrorism through the General Assembly as well as the Security Council. These two committees in the United States usually deal with the activity of terrorism present in this world. What the United Nations usually does is try to counter terrorism as much as possible, but in September 2006, there was a concern that while countering terrorism, there are possibilities to violate the human rights of certain people, which is always a large problem. Chechnya wants there to be a much larger group or organization that takes more charge and focuses on completely eradicating terrorism in the globe. Of course, the United Nations take charge of this but there are so many other problems that the organization needs to focus on too, which lessens the focus for terrorism. Creating a systematical organization that contains the ideals of the United Nations as well as continues on with the same rules, such as not violating Human Rights. This organization would only focus on terrorism and finding the possible solutions for it. The organization would have peace troops provided by the United Nations that will help those who were affected by the terrorist groups. If military action is necessary and needed to protect the citizens of that specific nation, it would be provided.

Committee on Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine between a former world superpower and smaller countries that it used to encompass rages on having profound impacts on not just the two countries but the entire world. Chechnya’s role in this conflict and the potential ramifications that the conflict would have is very complex in that Ukraine can only be the tip of the iceberg or the first domino in Russia’s plans to restore its former empire. Chechnya was once under the control of the Soviet Union for most of the Twentieth Century. It is due to its crucial location in the Caucasus Mountains that overlook the highest point in Europe and the Black and Caspian Sea. It is also a neighbor of Russia, so as a result the Soviet Union absorbed the nation during the 1870’s.

When the Separatist leader Dzhokhar Dudayev wanted to hold an uprising to make Chechnya an independent country from the Russian. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had a massive problem to deal with and that was the autonomy of its states and other ethnic populations. There was an urgent need for a law to clearly define the powers of each federal subject and to outline how autonomous Chechnya and other Russian territories can be. On 31 March 1992, when Yeltsin and Ruslan Khasbulatov signed the Federation Treaty that would allow for Chechnya and other Russian states to have greater independence and autonomy. According The Guardian, a online news company, says “On 6 August 1990, Boris Yeltsin, head of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, addressed regional leaders: “Help yourself to as much sovereignty as you can swallow,” he said. So began what Gorbachev called “the parade of sovereignties” (The Guardian). This displays the fact that President Yeltsin wanted to territories of Russia to have utmost autonomy and sovereignty, this made Chechnya the autonomous Russian territory it is today.

In 1994, Russian President Boris Yeltsin sent 100,000 Russian troops into Chechnya to depose the region's separatist leader, Dzhokhar Dudayev. That military intervention sparked a two year conflict that claimed the lives of several thousand Russian troops and tens of thousands of Chechen civilians. When President Vladimir Putin came into power however he dispatched the Russian Military to the capital of Chechnya, Grozny to flatten the city and captured it despite putting thousands of innocent civilians at risk. He voided the Federation Treaty that allowed for the autonomous government of Chechnya to work directly under Russian power. Russia today maintains control of Chechnya, with it being a territory of the Russian with relatively high state autonomy. This makes the Ukraine crisis especially alarming because agian, Ukraine can be the first step in Russia’s plans to restore it’s Empire, which means Chechnya can be next. Chechnya is different from the Ukraine however; it is still a part of Russia, but just exercises almost complete autonomy compared to the fully independent Ukraine.

Russia is keeping Chechnya and will do whatever it can to continue to be able to do because of, agian, it’s crucial location that gives access to both the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This means that with Ukraine absorbed into the Soviet Union, then Russia will have utmost Naval Power in all the crucial bodies of water of Europe. Without Ukraine threatening the Black Sea fleet with the division of powers in the Joint Navy, the Russian navy is going to the central power within the region. This would allow for Russia to maintain complete control of it’s neighboring countries and potentially can do what it did to Ukraine to other countries which again; makes Chechnya a prime target.

Russia’s current position on this conflict is that it is incorporating the specific region of the Ukraine because a majority of the population there is Russian speaking. Russia also denies the fact that they have troops in Ukraine fighting; most russian people are not aware that there is a war going on; they are not told that it is a conflict or war. Russia position in the war should be and is the perpetrator of the conflict, the one that is reclaiming its former land. The global community must act fast at this alarming crisis that Russia is causing. This threatens almost every nation in the European Union because there are countries that want to join the EU but cannot due to still having ties with Russia. This also marks the start of Russia’s expansion, from the invasion of georgia to the Ukraine of today. Many countries have in fact, stood up and sanctioned Russia for causing this, for example the United States. As a global community, citizens must protest and voice their opinions regarding this particular crisis in order for their voice and the voices of the millions around the world to be heard. Overall, this can be seen as a direct challenge to western philosophies and that the world must force Russia to stop expanding it’s already substantial borders.

Overall, Russia’s motivation and reason to force part of Ukraine into it’s own control was that according to them there are russian people who live in that area and want to be part of Russia. This is alarming to Chechnya because over eighty percent of it’s civilians are Russian. The crisis in Ukraine threatens not only the safety of Ukraine but also Chechnya because as shown from the past, Russia wants to do whatever it takes to keep Chechnya under it’s control.

Committee on Human Rights
The right to life, prohibition of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, security of the person and the right not to be subjected to arbitrary detention, right to a fair trial, prohibition of slavery, non-discrimination, equal rights of women and men, and prohibition of advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred, freedom of opinion, expression, assembly and association” - Russian Constitution

Human rights is the framework for a country’s prosperity and happiness. Although this may be morally correct, it is not always followed. It is countries like Chechnya that demonstrate the underpinning of hatred and violence against its own people from the lack of humans rights that fractures this framework. For two centuries, Chechnya and Russia have been constantly intertwined, often erupting in violence and oppression. “An estimated 3,000-5,000 people have “disappeared” in Chechnya at the hands of state security services, yet not a single official has been held accountable... in 2005, Human Rights Watch characterized the... “disappearances” in Chechnya as a crime against humanity under international law” (Human Rights Watch). The Chechen community has failed to protect people in Chechnya from widespread human rights abuses. Governments and international organizations have refused to follow up their statements of concern with the people of Chechnya and their social deprivations. “In the last eight years, Russia has fought two wars in Chechnya which have entailed massive indiscriminate bombings of cities and villages with high civilian casualties” (Wheeler). Although this may sound like a terrorist attack, this intrusion is happening to the Chechen people in their own country. Not feeling protected and represented is an issue that revolves heavily around the populace.

“The...approach...the issue has often been unhelpful and irresponsible. Denunciations of Russian behavior have not been matched by a real understanding of the Chechen conflict or a real commitment to help” (Policy Brief). We, as Chechnya, have desirable land. The oil lines run through the devastation of what we call our home for the Russians. In return, our people have been slaughtered and kidnapped without a feeling of remorse and concern. However, we do not wish pity, but wish for change. Our people, the Human Rights Watch committee, and the Mobile Group have tried to make an indent in our mangled society. “Victims and witnesses of human rights violations in Chechnya are silenced by strong fear of retribution...who still dare seek justice come to the Mobile Group for legal aid and support,” (Human Rights Watch). Our right to freedom of speech is belittled to such an extent that we do not feel safe. We ask for change within our nation but this comes to a quick halt. This nation is separated amongst terrorists, strongly influenced religious groups, and a small amount of activist who care to disrupt this continuum of war between ourselves and Russia. Chechen people commit the crimes of “unlawful arrest, robbery, rape, torture, and murder... reported...on an almost daily basis by human rights organizations. They are committed primarily by law enforcement agencies and private militias operating in Chechnya” (International Rescue Committee). We cannot trust our own people to provide us with safety. The most progress to be made about the paucity of human rights veritably being practiced is most disturbing. Our policies and creation of the Human Rights Watch and the Mobile Group have only spread so much awareness of the torture, desecration, and corruption of our sovereign nation.

To be called a country or a nation holds much repute that Chechnya needs to uphold. Wanting to be known as an independent nation starts with the people and being separatists within our own inhabitants will take us no farther than we are now. There are separatists who wish it to be a completely independent country with a strong Muslim rule. This causes us to look at Chechnya in its entirety and understand the heavily influenced Muslims as well as other religious groups that are just one explanation to the division within Chechen people. “The Muslim peoples of this multiethnic region claim a tradition of opposition to rule from Moscow that is entering a third century...this Chechen resistance have been the remarkably resilient...politically active Islamic…” (Damrel). The division between islamic groups in Chechnya have not only caused resistance to cooperate with the Russian community, but has also caused isolation amongst the people within these religious practices. “The Chechens and other groups spent more than a decade in isolated work camps in Kazakhstan. But by all accounts, the forced resettlement failed to break either the Sufi brotherhoods or Chechen national spirit” (Damrel). The Chechen people who are influenced by religion have created a barrier between themselves and the rest of their society in efforts to keep the sanctification alive just like it was decades before. The issue is not how these churchgoing clusters isolate themselves, but a matter of how they communicate with the outside world of Chechen people and their efforts to collaborate and accept change. “The nation as a whole - the Chechens” (Damrel). There is no consensus being made within the atmosphere of devotion and believing in Chechnya. There is to cooperate, we begin to alter this idea of independency, and confide more into this conception of wanting change but not wanting to work for it as a country should.

Chechnya- Security Committee

During the Russian Civil War, Chechens and other Caucasian nations lived in independence for a few years before being Sovietized in 1921. During the Second World War, the Chechens saw the German invasion as an opportunity to revolt against the Soviet regime. In response, they were deported in masses to Central Asia where they were forced to stay until 1957. The most recent conflict between Chechens and the Russian government took place in the 1990s. As the Soviet Union disintegrated, the Chechen separatists declared independence in 1991. Russia is attempting to force us to rejoin their forces based on the history between our nations, yet our alliance was with the fallen Soviet Union that no longer stands. By late 1994 the First Chechen war broke out and after two years of fighting the Russian forces withdrew from the region. Russian President Boris Yeltsin opposed Chechen independence, arguing that Chechnya is a crucial piece to completing Russia.

From 1994 to 1996, Russia fought Chechen guerillas in a conflict that became known as the First Chechen War. Tens of thousands of civilians died, but Russia failed to win control of Chechnya's mountainous terrain, giving Chechnya de facto independence. Russia though being defied a first time would not be denied as they came back with a goal to obtain chechen territory. In 1999, the fighting restarted and concluded the next year with the Russian security forces establishing control over Chechnya.

The security of current Chechnya is still at arms although the Russians have instilled their influence, the citizens are still striving to become independent. The problem is that Russia is massive compared to Chechnya as well as their resources outscale them ten fold. The struggle for independence for Chechnya not only failed because of Russia also, “Independence did not quite work out for the Chechens. The separatist government based in the ruined capital, Grozny, lost control over the rest of Chechnya”(Mirovalev). Russia gained control due to the fact that they in in a large scale war would overpower them, and that Independence was not actually attaining Chechnya much success since within the territory they are divided. Chechnya is fighting for their independence yet the war in Ukraine shows their old ties to the Russian power due to the fact that chechnya men aid the Russian cause by joining Russian military regimes in Ukraine. Ukraine has become a focal point in the Chechnya concerns due to the fact that Russia has become highly mobile and affirmative in aiding the Ukraine rebels by secretly sending soldiers to aid in fighting the war. This in turn has caused involvement for chechens in the war in favor of Russians that could then lead to possible war between chechens and Ukrainians if the war were to escalate passed the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The ties that have been imposed upon chechnya creates an umbrella of protection though not directly because Russia would interfere in an attempt to strengthen their control over chechens by saving them in their time of need. The internal issues within chechnya revolve around the simple issue of sovereignty and the ability to actually create separation between Russia and Chechnya.

The citizens of Chechnya have taken things into their own hands as many terrorist groups have arisen out of chechnya to fight the cause in the most extreme manor. Chechnya is actually not dealing with these groups as their main focus is Ukraine and independence. The fact is that, “ Chechnya now has a new form of terrorists, ready to kill and be killed for their cause. They are called the black widow bombers”(Mark S. Watson). This quote speaks upon the issues within Chechnya as they are unable to stabilize their people along with their economy. The government is at turmoil because our resources have been stretched out to points we cannot maintain as our people our exhausted without a stretch.

Committee on Sovereignty
The Chechen Republic is a sovereign state. In October, during 1991, the Chechnya “proclaimed its sovereignty” from Russia and later on established itself as the Chechen Republic January 10th, 1993(

Our relationship with our mother country, Russia, has not been great to say the least. We have had conflict with Russia for the past two decades, over issues regarding sovereignty and our independence. Historically, the Chechen Republic does not agree with the annexation of Crimea. However since Vladimir Putin appointment of Ramzan Kadyrov, the views of the Chechen Republic have been closely aligned with Russian views. Apart from the government, there have been separatist movements in the working. People are trying to separate from their mother country and become a truly independent nation and cease the violence. Separatism was further promoted by not signing the Federation Treaty which would have eased tension and lay out specific jurisdiction. As such, by not signing the Federation Treaty, Chechnya remained a great obstacle in the way of the Russian Federation (Johnson, David).

Regionally, this is just another addition to the huge Russian territory, which means more power. By having Crimea, Russia can have a greater influence on countries that are nearby and off the shore of Black Sea. However, considering Russia economic drive to take control of the resources in Chechnya, Russia drive to obtain Crimea is not so black and white. Similar to Russia’s drive to take back Chechnya, Russia drive to take back Crimea is purely economical. Crimea is rich in minerals such as gold (Vogt, Adrienne), therefore not only will it will expand their regional territory but also their economic capacity. Despite the fact that many of Chechens are against the annexation of Crimea, however, we are in full support of annexation of Crimea. Most of the dissent of the annexation of Crimea is stemmed from the undermining separatist movement (Russia - Movements Toward Sovereignty, Chechnya).

Russia’s primary reason is the fact that Crimea’s population composition orginates in Russia's decent. The area is filled with Russian culture and traditions, therefore, it is only right that Russia get what is rightfully theirs.

In my region, there has been a growing lack of freedom. Currently, there are sporadic outbreaks of violence that are ignited by Russian forces. Recent drives to attempt to control Chechnya has been infringing sparingly on our freedom.

In Chechnya, our form of governance is a republic comprised of a federal government. Within our government, we are a stable federal republic for the most part. At times, the regional government is threatening by a growing separatist government. Apart from Separatist government engagement with the Taliban, the Regional government is high engaged, despite concerns of corruptions that exist in the country.


Ranked Issues in Level of Importance:

  1. Economics: The backbone of the Chechen economy is oil and the prices are deteriorating as oil becomes obsolete. In order to get our economy back on track we need to find a new, stable source of revenue.

  2. Human Rights: Human Rights is a controversial topic in society today. Our social system is set up to be sexist, unmotivated and all around primitive. As a nation, independency is what we want and need. In order for the Chechen people and their rights to be not only acknowledged, but enforced, collaboration and concert is essential from not only Chechnya, but the international community.

  3. Terrorism: The terrorism issue in Chechnya is a very important issue that needs to be addressed immediately because of the endangerment that civilians have staying in the nation. There are innocent people dying that need to be saved by these horrific events and should be aided immediately.

  4. Sovereignty: The delegation of Chechen Republic believes that Russia invasion and annexation Crimea is completely justified. Although the delegation believes this, the people of Chechen are in uproar, especially due to the igniting separatist movements that have been taking place.

  5. Security: We are mandating Independence from Russia yet we are aiding them in their affairs in Ukraine. Russia ultimately wants to gain more power as they want to control more territories although Chechnya wants the independence they went to war for. Chechnya is at a breakpoint as the resources that once kept their economy stabile are now under Russian control and along with a depleting economy terrorist groups have risen within the country to stir the mix even more.

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