Defn of property; Justifications

Conquest – might makes right; you assimilate what you conquer, taking past owner’s

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Conquestmight makes right; you assimilate what you conquer, taking past owner’s

rights to transfer; They stay by privilege

Wild Animals

Rule of Capture – have to capture (includes mortally wound or trapped) to own (1st

possession not 1st discovery)(Pierson v. Post)

Response – utilitarian theory – disincentive to hunters b/c they could

lose the thing after chasing

Customary Rules – Whale case; Custom produces a rule that promotes certainty – so

follow when one exists (Ghent v. Rich)

Intellectual Property

Use not necessarily exclusive

PRO – Utilitarian – protection of IP gives incentive for invention/innovation

ANTI – Utilitarian – restricts dissemination so prevents optimal use of info

  • monopolist info holder – preventing dissemination through $

  • or for other reasons – artistic integrity

- High cost of enforcement

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