Definition of industry revolution

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Definition of industry revolution

Next to the second is the impact of the industrial revolution in the political sphere. The existence of this industrial revolution led to the emergence of socialist movements and also the emergence of new political parties that took advantage of the industrial revolution, such as to campaign and promote the rhyme through technology that existed during this industrial revolution.
Actually, there are still many impacts of the industrial revolution in the political field, one of which is the creation of an information system that can be used to process data in the government of an area so that it can be better and make it easier for the public to monitor government performance, and so on.
the impact of the industrial revolution i the economic sphere. Perhaps the industrial revolution had the most impact in the economic sphere, an example of the impact of the industrial revolution in the economic field is the change in business models.
Accelerating the number of production of an enterprise because it is assisted by machine technology, reducing the number of employees in the company because it is replaced by machines, and so on. In addition to the above, the existence of this industrial revolution generally large companies choose to invest in adding technological tools in their companies to improve the productivity process to be more effective and maximum in addition to allocating in it to add employees to workers.
With the existence of various kinds of sophisticated machine technology, the production cost of an item becomes lower so that way consumers can get goods at relatively cheaper prices, but on the other hand because of this, there are more and more unemployed if they do not want to try to compete with machines.
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