Definition of d-west Football Terminology Team Dinners

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Definition of D-West Football Terminology

  • Team Dinners – Dinner at School for Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior players the evening before a varsity game, hosted by Boosters with volunteers and donations from each class as assigned.

  • 7 vs.7 – A competition with other schools involving positions other than the offensive and defensive lines. This competition may be a practice or a tournament. This helps to review and practice plays.

  • Film – A viewing of another team or of a particular home game for analysis

  • Shipp Camp – Annual summer camp to Shippensburg University for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

  • Battle of the Brandywine – The annual game between D-West vs. D-East

  • White-Out” – When we are the away team for the Battle of the Brandywine everyone wears white. When we are the home team we wear blue.

  • Tailgating – All are invited to meet, greet and eat before the games. Parents, friends, families!

  • T-Shirt Design competition for D-West vs D-East Game – Every year a t-shirt is designed for the Battle of the Brandywine. We will be sponsoring a contest for students to design this year’s logo.

  • Mitten Football – A game that the players love to play at the end of practice, gym and whenever they can! The ball can be advanced forward, backwards or sideways by passing or kicking to get to the end zone of a short field without being touched. Teams are usually 4-5 players.

  • Boosters – All parents, family and friends of a D-West football player. You are automatically a Booster!

  • Melon Heads – Five bear-chested senior boys who wear a carved melon on their head to every home game. Each student paints a letter/symbol on their chest… D-WEST. The melon head is a prestigious position. A melon-head is chosen by an outgoing senior melon head to carry-on the tradition.

  • D-Dog – D-West’s mascot. D-Dog stands about 6.5 feet tall in a cute brown dog costume with a blue sweater. Not too scary!!

  • Shout-Out Ads – Parents, friends or families can place a one-liner in the program for a small fee. The shout-out is encouraging and fun!

  • Sponsors – Business or Parent sponsors who purchased an ad in our Football game program

  • Chesmont National League – Div AAAA , which consist of seven teams, D-West, Avon Grove, D-East, Henderson, West Chester East, Coatesville, Bishop Shanahan.

  • What? We share a stadium! – We share Kottmeyer Stadium with East. We usually play on Friday night, D-East plays on Saturday night.

  • Coach’s Clothing Sale – Mike Milano sponsors a clothing sale in early spring.

  • Season Passes – Available thru the athletic department or at the gate. Senior Citizens are free.

  • Waterboys – DYW or Marsh Creek Eagle football players. Four boys per game

  • We put some hay in the barn today boys!” – Coach Carroll’s saying for getting a lot of work done at practice!

  • Milano – Not the Pepperidge Farm cookie…Coach Mike Milano

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