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The trees of neem, mango, bela, imli, etc., situated at the banks of the pure waters of the sacred Ganga, although all accepting the same water, yield different types of fruits, some sour, some sweet and some bitter respectively. Similarly living entities who are beguiled, bewilderd and deluded by maya or illusion even after reading Srimad Bhagavad-Gita go and preach their speculative suppositions and concocted opinions according to their respective qualities. If the question is raised that if karma, jnana, yoga and so on, are not the superior means, then why did Lord Krishna instruct His dear friend Arjuna to practice them? Then the answer must be given that at the same places where Lord Krishna has discussed these subjects, He has also mentioned that the endeavors for karma, jnana and yoga are futile and fruitless without devotion or bhagavad-bhakti.

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