If the author of a scripture

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If the author of a scripture composes his own commentary on that scripture denoting and illuminating its real intent and meaning, then it becomes very simple and easy to understand. Otherwise to the contrary without the aid of such commentary, it is quite natural that in the process of trying to penetrate its meaning, one will be overpowered by the four inherent defects: subject to illusion, imperfection of the senses, the tendency to commit mistakes and proneness to cheating. Therefore in order to understand the real meaning of the Bhagavad-Gita and attain its essence; there is no other recourse than to accept the shelter of param satyam or perfected realizations of such trikala-jnani holy rishis who know past, present and future and our previous acaryas in the disciplic succession who are free from the above mentioned four defects.

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