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The illustrious sampradaya-pranali or disciplic succession although completely and fully authorised by Vedanta is now being attacked by persons duly influenced by totally atheistic conceptions and mentalities originating from foreign lands. Efforts are being executed by them to destroy this system of our Aryan civilization. The root cause of all these problems stems from the mistaken understanding and use of the word ‘sectarian’ which also has been imported from the Western civilization. In the current age of speculation and concocted thinking innumerable, imaginary and whimsical schools of thought are being advanced and new ones are constantly being hatched up with the intention of declaring a revolution against the sat-sampradaya. When one is unable to properly investigate the Supreme Absolute Truth, then they adopt the path of convenience by succumbing to the flickering dictates of the mind considering this to be the ‘liberality’ so much promoted for the option of appealing to the opinions of the masses. By developing this attitude, one is forced to soon become nirvisesa-vadi or worshipers of a formless, featureless God. We see this in the religionof the Christians, the Muslims and Hebrews that their God is formless and featureless. We also see this conception in India in the mayavadi adoption of a qualitiless brahma.

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