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A sampradaya can only be used referring to a bona-fide guru paraparam or a disciplic succession of spiritual masters or gurus. This is the scripturally authorized and only acceptable way through which the science of the Absolute Truth is received by the method of srauta-amnaya-dhara or by the aural reception of spiritual knowledge. And sat-sampradaya means the system by which the Supreme Absolute Truth is bestowed upon one fully and in totality. This sampradayika line or disciplic succession has been existing and flowing within the Indian theistic culture and the foundation of the Aryan civilzation and culture since time immemorial.

There are only four authentic sampradayas or bonafide spiritual channels descending from and leading to the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Unless one is connected to one of these four authorized spiritual channels by disciplic succession all ones efforts for spiritual evolvement are futile and one is merely only deluding themselves while misleading others. This information is well documented and fully substantiated in ancient Vedic scriptures. We find in the Garga Samhita, Canto 10, chapter 61, verses 24, 25, 26:

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