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Those who are nirvisesa-vadis or undifferentiated monists, jiva-brahma-ekavadi thosewho consider jiva and brahma to be one, cit-jada-samanvyavadis those who accept irrational conclusions and others, usually employ adjectives like ‘samanvya’ meaningharmony instead of showing vaisistya meaning uniqueness of cit and acit, exhibiting their self impudence by saying ‘everything is the one.’ In this way so called moralists,while always publishing their speculative ‘samanvaya-bhasya’ which is filled with their incoherent explanations of Srimad Bhagavad-Gita remain busy in vain efforts to display their deceptive veil of illusion to appear wise and knowledgeable.

At the present time the word ‘samanvaya’ or harmony is being greatly misused and misinterpreted. Actual and genuine all encompassing harmony can be seen only in the Supreme Lord Krishna alone, and therefore imaginary speculative concoctions and erroneous conclusions cannot be equated or acceptable. Nowadays we see many examples of irrational compromising commentaries of the Bhagavad-Gita in bookshops and libraries. By accepting the conception of oneness between the Supreme Lord and this world it is impossible to arrive at a state of harmony between the two. Neither can we make any anvaya or direct connection with either the world or the Supreme Lord. Presently we see this kind of distortion is vividly apparent among the so-called educated people of society and especially prevalent among people of the new age movement both young and old. It is therefore imperative to benevolently refute and compassionately correct all infectious distortions in the form of fallacious misconceptions and misguided delusions.

Those who take pride in their western oriented education are averse to the steadfast pursuit of pure knowledge through the method of inquiry with complete trust in the infallible validity of the Vedic scriptures. Instead they adopt different varieties of mundane logic and being absorbed in such moods, they attempt but unsuccessfully to conduct investigations. Such mundane historians, scholars, philosophers, scientists and the like are completely atheistic. By their mundane minds of limited perception they attempt to ascertain the point in time when the Vedic scriptures were composed. By such futile efforts they are not only unable to reconcile certain apparently opposing conceptions mentioned in the Vedas, but becoming confused they end up rejecting the Absolute Reality of the Ultimate Truth established therein. They even try and postulate the supposition that Srimad Bhagavad-Gita which is contained within the authentic historical treatise of the Mahabharata is only to be taken as allegorical.

Such type of investigation by mundane academians who are not sincere practitioners is extremely faulty and degraded. Instead of proclaiming and expanding the glories of Sanatana dharma's eternal righteousness and our sanatan dharma aryan sages and rishis, they to the contrary cause them to be neglected by encouraging disregard for knowledge of the absolute truth and ultimate reality. Theirs is not a search for immortal nectar, but rather theirs is the promulgation of destructive poison. It is observed in this modern day and age that educated persons often utilize the term sampradayika or secular in their verbal communications as well as in their thought processes. It is their intention to demonstrate that they are very liberal. However, they are most forgetful of the fact that visuddha sampradayism or pure secularism is the very crowning glory of sanatana arya dharma which is the eternal religion of the Aryan civilization and advanced in spiritual culture.

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