Deconstructing Australian history: Vietnam War—answers Background to the War

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Deconstructing Australian history:
Vietnam War—answers

Background to the War:

  1. Which Vietnamese leader had the most support (80%) before the war began? Ho Chi Minh

  2. Which country set up military operations in Saigon? The USA

  3. What were the communists/nationalists fighting for? Independence.

Australia’s Involvement:

  1. In what year did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War? 1965

  2. What socialist movement was feared by Australia’s prime minister, which lead to our
    involvement? Communism.

  3. What was the second reason Australia became involved in the Vietnam war? To support the USA

The War Escalates and A Bloody War

  1. How many Australians were sent to fight in Vietnam? 50,000

  2. At what age did Australian men have to register for conscription? 20

  3. What is considered Australia’s most significant event in Vietnam? The Battle of Long Tan

  4. What are two things a forward scout would look for when on patrol? Snipers, booby traps, bunker systems, tunnels, the enemy!

War and Suffering: the Public Mood Changes

  1. How many Australian soldiers died in Vietnam? 500

  2. Maths question: how many on the Vietnamese side are considered to have died? 500,000

  3. What was the name of the massacre said to activate Australians against the war? Mai Ly

  4. Name one of the first anti-Vietnam War movements: Save Our Sons

Troops returning to Australia

  1. Why weren’t Australian troops warmly welcomed back to Australia? Because Vietnam was not a popular war; people did not wish to celebrate or commemorate it; people wanted to forget about it.

  2. List three of the health problems soldiers experienced on their return: Agents Orange, Blue or White, psychological problems including post-traumatic stress disorder.

  3. What recognition did Australia come to from our involvement in the Vietnam War? That Australia was part of Asia.

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