Declaration of Independence: Student Worksheet Answer the following questions using the Declaration of Independence

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King’s Actions

The King’s Unjust Use of Power

(He was unfair)

Refused to approve laws when they were needed
Tried to control colonial legislatures, including closing some
Refused to let settlers move west
Prevented justice by making judges dependent upon the king for their jobs and pay
Sent officers (custom officials) to harass the people.

Unjust acts of Parliament
(Parliament was being unfair)

Quartered armed troops
Cutting off trade by blockading colonial ports
Taxing colonists without representation in Parliament
Depriving colonists of trials with a jury

Warlike Acts
(Treated colonists like they were at war)

Waging war against the colonists by robbing ships and attacking and burning towns
Hiring of soldiers to fight in the colonies
Forcing internal revolts in the colonies

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Events Leading to the American Revolution


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