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You are an 18 year old man, living in England at the outbreak of the First World War. A number of your friends have volunteered to serve in the British Army. What do you do?

1) Go to the nearest Army recruiting centre and volunteer for immediate active service.

2) Wait until conscription is introduced, before you have to go and fight.

3) You are opposed to the war, and refuse to fight as a conscientious objector.


Having completed your basic training, your unit has been posted to France. When you arrive, the conditions are so appalling that you become desperate. What do you do?

1) You are so distressed you decide to try and escape.

2) You listen to the advice of your sergeant.

3) You decide to try and join a stretcher / ambulance unit.

You have survived the first few months, but now there is a heavy amount of shelling, by the Germans, on your trenches. The trench next to you takes a direct hit. What do you do?

1) Take cover - the next one could be coming your way.

2) Run to the trench, your friend is stationed there.

3) Try and organise the stretcher ambulance units to help the wounded.

Your first leave has come up. What do you do?

1) Grab your chance while you can; escape once you get to England.

2) Get on the first train / boat home for a well deserved rest.

You have been in France for a year and are now given the opportunity to take a promotion, and become responsible for some new recruits. However this would mean leaving your friends on the front line for several months, just when you think they need your support. What do you do?

1) Take the promotion - you deserve the rest and you'll get more money too.

2) Reject the promotion - your job is on the front-line, not training new recruits.

A German offensive begins, and they start bombarding your trenches with mustard gas. There are only a few gas masks. What do you do?

1) Grab the nearest gas mask, fighting off some of your fellow soldiers.

2) Get out of your trench as fast as you can.

3) Rip up your clothing, telling your mates to do the same, covering your mouth and nose.

The Allies have decided to retaliate with their own offensive. Your unit has been assigned to the Somme region, for the "big push. On July 1st 1916, you receive the orders to go 'over the top'. What do you do?

1) Go over the top

2) Try and escape - it's probably your last chance.

  1. Take another attempt to get into the stretcher ambulance units.

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