Decenber 2013/January 2014 Teacher's Guide for Global Climate Change: a reality Check Table of Contents

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More sites on greenhouse gases
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a 2000 report on greenhouse gas emissions. The report can be accessed here:
This Web page from the American Chemical Society provides a detailed explanation with diagrams of the molecular makeup of greenhouse gases. (
This long chapter from a textbook at the University of Chicago offers another explanation of the causes and effects of greenhouse gas behavior. This is an excellent resource. (
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency predictably has a site with information about climate change and greenhouse gases:
From the American Chemical Society comes this very nice Web site on greenhouse gases, including a little history:
Elmhurst University published this Web page about greenhouse gases:
This document from the World Meteorological Organization has brief profiles of each of the major greenhouse gases:
This article summarizes the need to reduce CO2 levels and the evidence for global warming:

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