Debra Ann Miller as Mary Todd Lincoln

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Debra Ann Miller as Mary Todd Lincoln

In light of the recent upsurge of interest in the life and health of Mary Todd Lincoln, I would like to take this opportunity to offer Mrs. Lincoln's Salon as an educational event at your school or special event.  This 30 minute presentation is scripted from Mrs. Lincolns own letters, and offers a unique view into her most private correspondence.  Please pass this on to any whom you may think would be interested in offering this excellent program as a part of either their student or continuing education calendar.  I have performed at hundreds of museums, libraries, historical societies, and schools throughout the U.S.  As not only actress, but authoress of this piece, I would be happy to discuss available dates throughout the year; as well as eager to have your input as to curriculum specific events and information regarding Mrs. Lincoln’s life. In addition, please take a look at our premier program Visiting The Lincolns, featuring Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln.
 debra ann miller as mary todd lincoln

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Debra Ann Miller


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Debra Ann Miller as Mary Todd Lincoln in 'Mrs. Lincoln's Salon'

Mrs. Lincoln's Salon takes place in her Blue Room on April 4th, 1865. Debra Miller performs Mary Todd Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln and their youngest son Tad are at City Point, Robert, their eldest, is with General Grant in pursuit of Robert E Lee and Mary is alone in the Executive Mansion. The audience is invited to reminisce with Mrs Lincoln about her childhood, her days in Springfield and her children as she celebrates with you Tad's 12th birthday, and the end of the Civil War. Drawing from her own letters to friends, family and political figures of the era, Mrs. Lincoln's Salon paints a picture of Mary Lincoln that is both sympathetic and truthful.

Mrs. Lincoln's Salon is a 30 minute presentation with a question and answer period afterward, that can last up to an additional 30 minutes. Mrs. Lincoln's Salon is suitable for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Teas.
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Other offerings from
With Lincoln Productions

michael krebs & debra miller as abraham & mary lincoln

meeting the lincolns

a play
School Assembly

Invite Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln to visit your organization or school. The couple delights the audience with stories about the people and events that influenced their lives. Through engaging conversation they speak about their youth, education, the struggles of the Civil War, and their personal lives in Springfield and Washington D.C. By the end of the program, the audience will know more about the person Mr. Lincoln, as well as, the professional politician and the issues that troubled the nation in his time. The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions, so encourage them to come prepared with thoughtful questions.  This program is our educational program and is suitable for grades 3 and up.  (30 minute running time) Question & Answer follows.

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Visiting the Lincolns

A group of unexpected guests arrives at the Lincoln White House on the eve of the President's assassination and catches the First Family unawares. The Lincolns entertain as best they can with anecdotes and yarns. Though relieved that the Civil War is over, Mary is overcome with grief from the loss of two of her young sons. To comfort her, Abraham vows to continue the struggle for which so much was sacrificed. Witness the touching humor and deep love shared between this legendary couple. In the end, they both confront the losses in their own lives.

This program is recommended for indoor staged special events, college, banquet, and civic programming.

Suitable for all ages

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