Death—De La Mare

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Death—De La Mare

Death on Milestone Buttress. See Carr, Glyn. pseud. Death on remand. See Underwood, Michael. Death on the prairie. See Wcllman. Paul Iselin. Death pays the piper. See Oribble. Leonard. Death sped the plough. See Usher. Oray. Death, the glorious adventure. See Grecnstock, David Lionel.

Death to slow music. See Nichols, Bcvcrlcy, [I.e. John Beverley Nlchols[.

Death to the French. See Forester, Cecil Scott. Death to the Orange. See Peacock, Max. Death treads softly. See Bcllairs, George. Death walked in Cyprus. See Kaye. Mary Margaret, pseud.

Death's bright angel. See Warringcr, Thurman. Deaton, Henry, A. Pond, Thomas William. The hamster

handbook. Thorsons. 7/6. 636.9(11 (B56-2127)

De Aznar, Marina Pcrcyra. See Pcrcyra dc Aznar.


De Balzac, Honored See Balzac, Honord de. Debates: Great Britain: Parliament: Bibliographies


Debates with historians. See Gcyl, Pictcr. De Beaumont, Jacques. See Beaumont, Jacques dc. De Beer. Sir Gavin. The evolution of Rallies. British

Museum (N.H.). 10/-. 598.511) (B56-11808)

De Beer, Sir Gavin. Science and the humanities. H. K.
Lewis, 2/6. 500 (B56-16149)

Dcbcnham. Frank. Nyasaland. H.M.S.O., 25/-.

916.897 (B56-2010)

Dc Bernardy. Francoisc. See Bcrnardy, Francoisc de. Dc Blank, Joost, By. of Stepney. Call of duty. O U.P..

5I-. 283.42 (B56-2293)

De Blank, Joo&t. Bp. of Stepney. Members of

Christ. Mowbray. 7/6. 260 (B56-17031)

Dc Born. Edith. The engagement. Chapman A H..

13/6. 823.91F (B56-13796)

Debrett, Hal, pseud, [i.e. Davis Dresser A Kathleen Rollins]. For works of Davis Dresser published under other names see

Dresser. Davis.

Halliday. Brett, pseud.

Dcbrett's peerage, baronetage, knightage, and com-
panionage. Odhams P. 929.720058

1956 : ed. by C. F. J. Hankinson. £10/10/-.


De BrQn. P.ldraia. See Briin, P&draig de.

Debt: Public finance 336.3

Decalogue 222.16

De Candole, Henry, Bp. of Knaresborough. Headings

for the lessons. See Church of England. Liturgy A

Ritual. Lectionarles.

Decapoda 595.384

De Carle, Donald. Complicated watches and their

repair. N.A.G. Press, 35/-. 681.114 (B56-17428) De Cftrtcrct, Allan Roper. The story of Sark. Owen,

16/-. 942.34111 (B56-10892)

De Cascmbroot, Judy. The merry cocker. RocMlff.
21 f: 636.71U1 (B56-17112)

Dccca Navigator: Hydrographic surveying 551.46111 Dccca Navigator in hydroBraphic surveying. See Great

Britain. Admiralty. Hydrographlc Department. Decca Record Co., Ltd. Publicity Department. An

anthology of cante flamenco. 1-3 Brixton Rd.,

S.W.9, D.R.C., 2/6. 398.80946811) (B56-14035)

Dccca Record Co., Ltd. Publicity Department, tr.

See Chaikovsky, Pctr Il'ich. Decca Record Co., Ltd. Publicity Department, tr. See

Puccini, Giacomo. Decca Record Co., Ltd. Publicity Department, tr. See

Verdi. Giuseppe. Decca Record Co., Ltd. Publicity Department, tr.

See Wagner, Richard, [I.e. Wilhelm Richard


Deceptions 001. (1]

De Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel. See Ccrvante*

Saavedra, Miguel de. De Chair. Somerset. St. Osyth's Priory. Derby. English

Life Publications, 2/6. 728.82094267(11 (B56-14164)
Deciduous trees: Forestry 634.972

Decision at Sundown. See Carder, Michael, pseud.
Decisions: Will: Psychology 159.124

Decisive battles of the western world. See Fuller. John

Frederic Charles. Decker. Heinrich. The Italian lakes. Thames A J?.,

21/-. 914.52(11 (B56-11423)

Deckert, Kurt, A Gunther, Klaus. See GUnther, Klaus,

& Deckert. Kurt.

Decks: Girder bridges 624.27(1]

Decline and revival of the social gospel. See Carter.

Paul Allen.

Decline of American liberalism. See Ekrich, Arthur


De Coccola, Raymond. See Coccola, Raymond dc.
Decor: Theatre

Decorated porcelains of Simon Lissim. See I.istcr.


Decoration: Building 698

Decoration: Domestic economy 645.11)

Decoration:Lissim, Simon: Porcelain: Fine arts

738.2097391 /

Decoration: Typography 655.2511]

Decorations: Honours: Great Britain: Heraldry


Decorations: Military forces 355.13411)

Decorative art. Studio. 745.4405

1956-57 ; cd. by Rathbonc Holme &, Kathleen Frost.

35/-. (B56-12216)

Decorative art of Egypt and Asia. See Bossert, Hel-

muth Thcodor.

Decorative arts 740

Decorative arts: Bibliographies 016.74

Decorative maps. See Child. Heather. Decorative stitching with the sewing machine. See

Needlework Development Scheme.
Decorative styles 745.44

Dccrcst, Jacques, pseud. [I.e. Jacques Napoleon Faure-

Biguet]. The missing formula : tr. by Delano Ames.

Hammond-Hammond. 9/6. 843.91 (B56-10867)

Dedication of woodlands. See Great Britain. Forestry


Dedication scheme: Forestry 634.92513111

Dc Diencs. Andre. See Dienes, Andre" de.
Dee River: Aberdecnshirc

Deeds: British law 347.111

Deep diving and submarine operations. See Davis, Sir

Robert Henry.

Deep hills. See Stuart, Matt, pseud.
Deep litter system: Poultry 636.508(1]

Deep litter system of poultry keeping incorporating

straw yards. See Thornber, Cyril, A Hale, Murray. Deep of the earth. See Thomas. Luther. Deep toots, true roots. See Mallcson. Wenda. Dccp-sea fisherman. See Allison, Ivan Edward. Deep-sea horse. See Cumming, Primrose. 'Dccp-Sca Research.' See Papers in marine biology and


Deep-sea tow. See McManus, Chris. Deep space. See Russell. Eric Frank. Deep things of God. See Oppenheim. Irene. Deeper strings. See Tucker. Lacl. Deeper than desire. See Blair, Mary. Deeper understanding of ourselves. See Payne. Muriel


Deeping. George Warwick. See Deeping. Warwick.

[i.e. George Warwick Deeping}. Deeping, Warwick, [i.e. George Warwick Deeping}.

The serpent's tooth. Cassell, 11/6.

823.91F (B56-8263)

Deeping. Warwick, [i.e. George Warwick Deeping].
Sincerity. Cassell. 7/6. 823.9IF (B56-2170)

Deer 599.73574

Deer: Hunting 799.2773574

Dccrinc, Ann. Wedding of the year. Mills A B., 10/6.

823.91 F (B56-1198)

Dceslde Golf Club: Bicldside: Aberdccnshirc


Defeat into victory. See Slim, Sir William.

Defects: Metallography 669.016(1]

Defects and failures of metals. See Polushkin. Eugene

Paul. Defence, Ministry of. See Great Britain. Defence.

Min. of.

Defence: MHftary organisation 355

Defence: Pleadings: Roman law 349.37792(1]

Defence of superior orders in Roman law. See Daube.


Defence Regulations: British law 346.11]

Defenders of the faith. See Tatc. EJlalicc, pseud.
Defending the Ashes. 1956. See Harris, Bruce.
Deficiency diseases: Children 618.92(1)

Definitions and formulae for students scries (Pitman)'

Elton, Lewis Richard Beniamin. Modern physics.

Taylor, Edgar Reuben. Metallurgy.

Sexton. Frederick Peake. Electrical installation work.

De Flahaut.' Charles, Comte. See Flahaut de la Billar-

derie, Auguste Charles Joseph de. Comte. Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. Dent. 6/-.

823.6 (356-16355)

Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. Nelson, 41-.

823.911 (B56-16745)


De(oe. Daniel. (Robinson Crusoe). The adventures of
Robinson Crusoe. Glnn. 5/-. 428.6 (B56-12474)
Deformation: Machines: Engineering 621.81(1]

Deformation: Rubber 678.64(11

Deformation: Strength of materials: Engineering

Deformation: Synthetic rubber 678.724(1]

Deformation and flow, monographs on the Theological behaviour of natural and synthetic products (North-Holland Pub. Co.: I nter science)'. Meredith, Reginald, ed. The mechanical properties of textile fibres.

Dc Francia, Peter. Impressionism. Methuen, 6/-.

759.HJ (B5 6-15 84^)

De Francquen, Leonard. The cat and the fiddle.
Deane. 1/6. 822.91 (B56-8573)

Defunct companies: Investment finance 332.61(1]

De Garis. Ernest comp. The herd book of the Baili­wick of Guernsey. See Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society.

Degas, Hilairc Germain Edgar: Painting 759.406/8
Degas (Little library of art). See Roger-Marx, Claude.
Degenerative joint disease 616.72(1]

Dcgby. Guy. Noble and manly. Hutchtnson, 25/-.

796.8306242(1) (B56-16700)

Degnan of Cross D. See Regan, Larry.

De Goya y Lucicntcs, Francisco Jos6. See Goya y

Lucicntes, Francisco Jose dc. Degras. Jane. cd. The Communist International. 1919-

1943. O.U.P. 329.11)

Vol.1: 1919-1922. 55/-. (B56-2068)

Degras. Jane. tr. See Ritter. Christiane. Dcgreve. Alain. A Dair. Herbert Norham. See Dair.

Herbert Norham, A Dcgreve. Alain. Dc Gros, J. H., p*eud. [i.e. Paul Volliard De Gros[.

Holiday candy and cookie cook book. Arco. 15/-.

641.85(1] (B56-13271)

De Grunwald, Constantin. See Grunwald, Constantln de.

Dellaan, Robert F., A others. See Havighurst. Robert James. A others.

Dc Hartog, Jan. See Hartog. Jan dc.

Dc Hcgcdus. Adam. The struggle with the angels.
Wingate, 13/6. 823.91 F (R56-6I74)

Dchkes. Evelyn Solveig. The pink ballet slippers. Heine-
mann. 8/6. 823.91J (B56-50I5)

Dehn, Adolf. Water color, gouache, and casein paint­
ing. Thames A //., 21/-. 751.42 (B56-2682)

Dchn, Paul. For love and money. Reinhardt, 12/6.

828.91 (B56-13849)

Dc Hora. Serin. Scan dc Hora a chuicl din. Dublin,

Otftg an tSoldthair, 3/-. 891.621 (B56-14324)

De Hux/ar. William Ivan. Mortgage servicing.

McGraw-Hill, 37/6. 332.3111) (B56-15307)

Dehydration: Fish: Food preservation 664.8(1)

Deich. Friedrich. The sanity inspector ; tr. by Robert

Kcc. Putnam. 13/6. 833.91 (B56-15194)

De Jong. Arie Pietcr de. See Jong, Arie Pietcr dc. Dc Jong. Louis. See Jong, Louis de. DcJong. Mcindcrt. The wheel on the school. Lutter-

worth P.. 12/6. 823.91J (B56-13423)

Dc Jonge, Frank, ed. Father Eves of St. Alban's,

Holborn. See Morgan, Maud Alice. De Jonge. Frank, tr. See Ghcon. Henri, pseud. Dekobra. Maurice, pseud, [i.e. Ernest Maurice Tessier}.

Chinese puzzle. W. H. Allen, 10/6.

823.91 F (B56-6940)

De Kock, Victor. See Kock. Victor De.
De la Bcdoyere, Michael. The Archbishop and the lady.
Collins, 16/-. 922.2 (B56-2245)

Delacour. Jean. The waterfowl of the world. Country
Life. 598.41(11

Vol.2: The dabbling ducks. £6/6/-. (B56-16895)

De la Crolx, Robert. See La Croix. Robert de.

Dc la democratic en Amc'rique. See Tocqueville. Alexis de.

De La Fcrc, Natala. Italian bouquet. Thames A H.,
15/-. 914.5 (B56-5056)

Dclafons. Allan, ed. 150 practical ideas on meUl-working production. See ' Machinist. The.'

De Ijiforcade, Xavier. Phocas. Dublin. Duffy, 1 /3.

822.91 (B56-3218)

Delafrcsnaye. J. F., ed. The support of medical research. See Council for International Organization* of Medical Sciences. Symposium, 1954, London.

De la Fuye. Maurice. See La Fuye, Maurice de.

De La Mare, Walter: Bibliographies 012

De la Mare, Walter. Ghost stories. Folio Soc.. 21/-. 823.91F (B56-15537)

De La Marc. Walter. A selection from his writings.
Faber, 18/-. 824.91 (B56-1987)

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